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Anatomy of the Qur'an

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Author: G J O Moshay
ISBN: 9780758906748
Price: $9.95 US
Pages: 160 - Paperback

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Help in witnessing to Muslims

The vast majority of Muslims don’t really know much about their own book, the Qur’an. They are just taught to memorize it. English speakers are even taught to memorize it in Arabic, when they themselves don’t understand a word of it.

Christians need to know how to answer Muslims, and this requires knowing something about the Qur’an. This book by Moshay shows how the material in the Qur’an is really a disorganized mass of contractions, historical blunders, misunderstandings of the Bible, folk tales and the outright selfishness of Mohammad himself. Moshay even proves that parts of the Qur’an did not even originate with Mohammad.

Moshay doesn’t stop there. He shows why Muslim leaders are afraid to let Muslims ask questions about the Qur'an. The answers are too embarrassing! He then compares the Qur’an to the Bible, and shows why the Bible is the ultimate authority that can be trusted.

Table of Contents

The Miracle of The Qur’an
It Matters What You Believe
Is There an Original Qur’an?
Who Taught Mohammad?
Critique of the Qur’an
The Bible vs. The Qur’an
Final Authority: Bible or Qur’an?
Contradictions in the Qur’an
Salvation in the Qur’an
Test of Authenticity
Biblical Blunders in the Qur’an


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