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Secrets Mormons Don't
Want You to Know

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Author: Richard and Cindy Benson
ISBN: 9780758907851
Price: $15.95 US
Pages: 208 - Paperback

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Equip yourselves to reach Mormons

Most Christians only see the “public” face of Mormonism, thanks to their persuasive PR campaigns: clean-faced young people, parents committed to family values, and spectacular temples. But what do Mormons really believe? In this revealing book you'll learn their shocking doctrines, like:

      • It's good to lie... to protect the church.
      • There are millions of gods.
      • God was once a man, and became a god.
      • We can become gods, too.
      • Jesus and Lucifer were spirit brothers.
      • We all have an 'Eternal Mother.'
      • God is a polygamist.
      • The Jesus of the Bible was a polygamist.
      • The Jesus of Christianity is NOT the Jesus of Mormonism.
      • Sins are forgiven through good works.
      • Salvation by faith in Jesus is 'utter nonsense.'
      • Black people were cursed by God.
      • A group of gods helped Jesus form the earth.
      • Some sins require the shedding of your own blood.

You'll also read the moving testimony of former Mormon, Cindy Benson. She reveals from personal experience the ugly, hidden side of Mormonism. She was only eleven years old when her 53-year-old father announced that a 15-year-old girl must become his second wife. Once you know what Mormons really believe, you will be better equipped to witness to them.

Table of Contents

About the Mormons quoted in the book

Who is God?
Jesus Christ
The Holy Spirit
Blood atonement
The Bible
The Book of Mormon
Mormon church: only way to heaven
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith�s false prophecies
Black people
Good works redeem the dead
Temple garments
Bizarre teachings of Brigham Young
Sins that deserve instant death
Marriage for eternity
Mormonism�s ever-changing name
The Masonry connection
Mormon prophets
Do Mormon leaders hate Christianity?
Mormon temples
Mormon contradictions
The spirit world
Mormon teachings about man
More strange Mormon teachings
Why we left the Mormon church
Summary of what Mormons believe
Are Mormons encouraged to lie?


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