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51 Reasons Why the King James
(A Path from Doubt to Faith)

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Author: David W Daniels
ISBN: 9780758912664
Price: $11.95 US
Pages: 224 - paperback

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Our world is split between two camps: those with faith, and those with doubt. Right now, those with doubt are outnumbering those with faith. But God only blesses faith. It's "the Christian faith" —not the Christian doubt.

Are there reasons to trust that God kept His promise to preserve His own words?

Yes! There are many.

This book is a small collection of those. People have been finding not only what faith looks like, but have actually made the move and left the doubting Bibles, with their contradictory doctrines, and come to the King James. There they found a consistent message, consistent doctrine, and a consistent faith.

So they can hold the Bible up in their hands and say, "Thus saith the Lord! This is the words of God."

Trusting God's words can change your church!

The result? An increase in:

  • Holiness
  • Faith
  • Soul-winning
  • Christian growth
  • Confidence in the Scriptures

It's so important to have a preserved standard of God's words. Otherwise, gradual changes over time will so corrupt the text that it will fit neatly into the globalist goal of one-world Bible for the one-world religion. May you find reasons for faith as you read.

Author David W. Daniels tells why he wrote the book, "51 Reasons Why the King James: A Path from Doubt to Faith"

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1 Why the KJV Says "Teach," Not "Make Disciples"

2 Why Trust a Bible That Doesn't Exist?

3 A Brief Word to the Critics

4 Why the KJV Says Cherubims and Seraphims

5 Modern Translations Miss the Point of the Nephilim

6 It Doesn't Matter How Far Off the Path You Get

7 Faith Is Not a Disease

8 Prophecy and Women's Clothing

9 The KJV Doesn't Add Words

10 We Can Trust It above Our Opinions

11 It Matters Which Bible You Read

12 Jesus' Forgiveness Matters

13 It Shows That God Preserved His Words Through the Flood

14 This Bible Is History, Not Myth

15 You Can Know the Line Between God's Words and Man's

16 Muslims Can't Use It against You

17 "Original Autographs Only" Changes Doctrine

18 You Can Know What You Believe

19 You Can Learn from the True Church Fathers

20 It Gets Death and Hell Right

21 It Destroys What the Devil Wants

22 The Text Critics Have to Change History to Reject It

23 Publishers Plant Doubt to Make More Money

24 It Doesn't Let You "Have it Your Way"

25 Doubt: The Fruit of Textual Criticism

26 It Doesn't Need "Fixing"

27 Even the Devil Had to Use God's Exact Words

28 Your Reliable Source for Controversial Questions

29 The KJV Is Easier to Understand Than You Think

30 It Keeps Jesus Sinless

31 Its Doubters Aren't Sure What They Believe

32 It Tells You What Its Doubters Don't Want to Believe

33 A Few Tiny Changes Make a Big Difference

34 It Destroys Inaccurate Bible Memes

35 The OAO Doctrine Was Created to Reject It

36 It Exposes Confused Teachers

37 It Carries the Same Inspiration as the Originals

38 It Exposes the Real Know-It-Alls

39 It's a Source of Godly Zeal

40 It "Reveals" the Most Changed New Testament Book

41 One Greek Letter Can Change the Gospel

42 Was Jesus God on Earth? NIVs Don't Seem to Think So

43 It Helps You Ask the Right Questions

44 It's Nothing to be Ashamed Of

45 It Makes It Easy to Share Your Faith

46 It Doesn't Need Updating

47 KJV Vocabulary Is Easier Than You Think

48 What Publishers Are Hiding

49 What About My Congregation?

50 You Can Be Just Like the 90% —Or...

51 Just One More Question

Appendix: Getting Bible Facts Straight


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