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How Life Began

Picture of Book Cover

Author: Thomas Heinze
ISBN: 9780758904980
Price: $9.95 US
Pages: 159 - Paperback

Available as a digital eBook. Download immediately after purchase!

Could life have formed in the "Primordial Soup" billions of years ago?

Evolutionists claim that simple chemicals became concentrated in ancient oceans, forming an organic broth which eventually produced living cells. Is this possible?

In 1953 Stanley Miller became famous for his experiment which produced amino acids by passing a spark through gasses which contained the elements that make up amino acids.

Evolutionists hoped their students would believe without question that amino acids would produce life. But Heinze reveals the facts evolutionists won't tell you. The amino acids produced would not work in any living things. The more recently suggested steps in "Chemical evolution" will not take place either. The idea is scientifically bankrupt, and the foundation of evolutionary thinking is destroyed.

Full of quotes from the best known scientists in the field, How Life Began is a great gift for students, teachers and school libraries. Learn how the scientific facts speak powerfully of an intelligent Creator, without whom life could never have begun. Learn how to know Him personally.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Proteins and Time
            Design or Chance
            Is the Cell Simple?
            The Origin of Life
            Amino Acids, the Building Blocks of Proteins
            Making Proteins
            Billions of Years
                    A Mammoth Disappointment
  • Chapter 2 - Could Cell Parts Get Together?
            Hot Vents and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
            Do Proteins in the Ocean Concentrate?
            Chemical Dilution
            A Cell Needs a Membrane
            How Many Parts Does a Cell Need?
            Getting the Parts Together
            Spontaneous Generation Doesn't Happen
  • Chapter 3 - The Cell's Information
            Proteins Are Folded to Fit
            Addressing Proteins
            Turning off Proteins
            The RNA World
            How Did Theorizing about the RNA World Begin?
            Why Abandon Proteins for RNA?
            To Believe or Not to Believe
            Could it Happen?
            Replication and Catalysis
            Natural Selection
            Where Does Information Come From?
            DNA Crams Information into a Tiny Space
  • Chapter 4 - Pulling It All Together
            How Cells Work
            When Is a Miracle a Miracle?
            Faith in What?
            Designed or Not Designed?
            Science Redefined
            Mount Rushmore
            Did Life Come from Another Planet?
            The Meaning of Life
  • Chapter 5 - The Message
            What Book Is Number Two?
            The Romans
            The Jews
            Would You Like to Be Rich?
            Isaiah 53


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