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Messages From Heaven

Picture of Book Cover

A Biblical examination of the Queen of Heaven's messages in the end times

Based upon the powerful video by the same name, author Jim Tetlow has produced a great tool to reach Catholic loved ones with the Gospel. At first, the book seems written by someone who is very favorable to the Marian apparitions appearing worldwide. Tetlow does not deny that something is happening. But as he develops his thought, he brings the reader to the realization that what is appearing is not the Virgin Mary, but a demonic impersonator, teaching doctrines that disagree with the very words of Jesus! Not one to leave a job half-done, Tetlow then presents the simple truth of salvation by faith alone in Jesus Christ.

One word of caution to our readers. Tetlow uses the New King James Version for his scripture texts. While we certainly wish he had used the Authorized King James Version for its greater accuracy, we believe this book has such a great message that we are making it available anyway. You can give it to Catholic loved ones, and they will likely receive and read it through. Below you will find the text on the back cover, which shows the general tone of the book and its presentation to Catholic readers.

Tens of millions visit apparition sites hoping to encounter Mary, the mother of Jesus. Many believe these increasing manifestations signal the advent of a new era on earth. Thousands of messages from the apparition of Mary indicate that we are entering a critical moment in world history – cataclysmic changes may soon occur. Those who follow the apparitions believe Mary has come to turn us back to God, while others insist that these events are either fabrications or the working of Satan. Messages From Heaven tests these messages in light of Scripture and seeks to answer the following questions:

  • Why does the Queen of Heaven appeal to so many?
  • What is her relation to the Roman Catholic Church?
  • Are the Queen's messages heaven sent?
  • Does the Word of God reveal the origin of these phenomena?
  • Does the Bible anticipate apparitions, signs and wonders in the last days?
  • How might the "Mother of the Eucharist" transform the world in the third millennium?
  • Why does the Queen center all attention on the Eucharist?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Apparitions and Statistics
     Supernatural Invasion
     The Statistics
     The Numbers Are Staggering
     History Repeats

Chapter 2 - Mary's Miraculous Global Appeal
     Worldwide Popularity
     Mary Is For Everyone
     Help From Heaven
     Ecumenical Appeal
     Global Network
     Signs and Wonders
     Beautiful Visions
     Miracle of the Sun
     Logical Questions

Chapter 3 - When Mary Speaks, Rome Listens
     Victory Through Mary
     Consecration to the Apparition
     Marian Movement of Catholic Priests
     Mary's Influence in the Church
     The Queen's Sway Continues to Rise
     Skeptics Within the Church
     Caution From the Catechism

Chapter 4 - More Reasons to Believe
     Biblical Content
     Moral Truth
     Apparitions Are Biblical
     Testing the Spirits

Chapter 5 - Why the Bible is Our Filter
     The Marian Movement
     Jesus Christ in Prophecy
     Statistically Impossible
     The Resurrection
     Fact #1 - The Resurrection Changed History
     Fact #2 - The Empty Tomb
     Fact #3 - Appearances of Christ Confirmed
     Fact #4 - It Changed Lives
     Israel in Prophecy
     Israel Returns
     Scientific Foreknowledge
     Science Confirms the Bible
     Many More Reasons to Believe

Chapter 6 - The Blessed Virgin Mary in Scripture
     Mary of Nazareth
     Why All the Attention?
     Old Testament Prophecy Anticipates the Virgin Birth
     The Obedient Virgin Mary
     The Humble Virgin Mary
     At the Cross
     Hungry for Truth
     Mary Our Mother?
     Catholic Theologian Agrees

Chapter 7 - United She Stands
     Innocent or Guilty by Association
     I am Appearing Everywhere
     A United Front
     The Apparitions Originate from the Same Source

Chapter 8 - Church Approved Apparitions
     Endorsing and Embracing
     Church Approved Apparitions
     Church Approved Defined
     United She Stands

Chapter 9 - Messages From Heaven?
     The Evidence Confirms - The Bible is God's Infallible Word
     The Word of God Testifies of Jesus
     The Comparision
     1 - Savior:
     2 - Suffering Servant:
     3 - Atoning Work:
     4 - Mediator:
     5 - Intercessor:
     6 - Advocate:
     7 - Redeemer:
     8 - Sinless:
     9 - Omnipresent:
     10 - Divine
     11 - Worthy of Worship:
     12 - Prince of Peace:
     Mary: Our Queen of Peace?
     13 - King of Kings:
     Mary: Queen of Queens

Chapter 10 - Equality with Christ?
     Comparison Table
     Inspired Prayers to Mary
     True Honor to Mary

Chapter 11 - Our Lady's Gospel
     One More Test
     The Gospel According to the Apparition of Mary
     Pious Acts
     Our Lady of Medjugorje's Gospel
     The Bible's Gospel

Chapter 12 - Be Ye Perfect
     Be Perfect or Perish
     God's Perfect Mirror
     Christ - The Fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets
     Jesus is the Door

Chapter 13 - I Will be Like the Most High
     If Not the Blessed Virgin Mary, Then Who?
     I Will be Like the Most High
     Effective Deception
     Through the Lens of the Bible

Chapter 14 - The Queen of Heaven, Angel of Light
     Angels of Light - Doctrines of Demons
     Signs and Wonders
     Fire from Heaven
     Grand Deception
     Queen of Heaven
     The Queen of Heaven Desires Worship from God's Chosen People

Chapter 15 - The Queen's Destiny
     Prophetic Implications
     The Lady of All Nations
     Global Catholic Unity
     Chastisement and Struggle
     The Queen's Seal
     Signs in the Heavens
     The Mother Precedes Her Son
     The Eucharistic Jesus
     The Queen Interprets Scripture
     The Queen's Destiny

Chapter 16 - Victory Guaranteed!
     Come Out of Her My People
     Good News
     Fear Not

Appendix A - The Queen's Focus on the Eucharist
     Peace Through Eucharistic Devotion
     Eucharistic and Marian Era
     Our Lady of Fatima Emphasizes the Eucharist
     The Eucharist Holds Center Stage in Medjugorje
     Our Lady of Madjugorje Leads to the Eucharist
     Garabandal Emphasizes the Eucharist
     Everywhere "Mary" Emphasizes the Eucharist
     The Eucharistic Reign of Jesus
     Establishing the Link
     Echaristic Miracles
     Apparitions of Jesus
     Why the Eucharist?

Appendix B - The Eucharist - A Biblical Review
     The Eucharist Holds Center Stage
     Catholic Doctrine
     What Does the Bible Teach?
     This is My Body
     Metaphors and Similes
     John Chapter 6
     The Bread of Life
     The Flesh Profits Nothing
     Spiritual Sense
     Jesus' Seven "I Am" Statements
     John Chapter 6; Unrelated to the Last Supper
     John Chapter 13
     Satan Entered Judas
     After Judas Partook of Communion
     Matthew, Mark, and Luke
     Jesus' One Body is in Heaven
     The Acts of the Early Church
     God Does Not Dwell in Temples Made With Hands
     Abstain From Blood
     I Corinthians 11
     Finished Work
     Eternal Consequences
     Scripture Summary of the Lord's Supper