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Do They Work?

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Many Christians today believe: "Tracts don't work; only witnessing one-on-one does."

History proves this idea false. From Reformation times, no-nonsense gospel tracts have been used to saturate spiritually cold societies, inspiring repeated revivals. The dozens of testimonies in this booklet prove that Chick tracts do work. They get read and help win souls for Christ.

I am a missionary. I am being used of God to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. I have a tremendous task. I am a missionary: yet the weakness of the body does not slow me down. I never get a headache. I never have a cold. I never get tired.

I am a welcomed missionary. Homes are open to me that would never open to a preacher. Hearts will hear my message eagerly, though they would never go to a Bible-believing church. I am an educated missionary. I speak the language perfectly and I speak so the professional can understand as well as the uneducated. I can approach every person on his level of understanding.

I am an effective missionary. I can reach more people at one time than Paul reached in a lifetime. I can cover more territory with the Gospel in a month than the average missionary could cover in a lifetime. I am man-made... but God-sent! I Am a Gospel Tract.

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