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Roosevelt's Fatal Mistake

By February 1945, it was apparent that the defeat of Nazi Germany was near. The three great powers—America, Great Britian, and the Soviet Union—met in Yalta to discuss plans for post-war Germany.

On his way home, President Franklin Roosevelt met with King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia on February 14. The main focus of this meeting, and what attracted public attention, was the agreement that gave the U.S. favored oil rights in exchange for American protection of the Saudi kingdom.

What did not attract public attention was the discussion between President Roosevelt and King Saud about the move to create a Jewish state in Palestine. The president gave assurances to the king that the U.S. would not support a Jewish state without the approval of the Arabs, which all but guaranteed that the new country would never be formed.

There was growing support within the United States and other countries for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. King Saud was aware of this and pressured President Roosevelt not to support such an arrangement. It is apparent, in hindsight, that Roosevelt traded away American support for a Jewish state in exchange for favored access to Arab oil. For many years, God had been using America to fulfill His prophetic word about Israel, but, with this agreement, President Roosevelt was blocking God's way.

Soon afterward, King Saud became concerned that the president was changing his mind and sent him a letter, dated March 10, 1945, in which he articulated what had been agreed to at the February 14 meeting. This letter demonized Zionism and put forth the idea that the Jews had no right to any land in Palestine.

The king's letter said, in part,

[The Jews] are preparing to create a form of Nazi-fascism within the sight and hearing of the democracies and in the midst of the Arab countries...

We state frankly and plainly that to help Zionism in Palestine not only means to endanger Palestine, but all neighboring countries...

We declare that the actions of the Zionists inside and outside Palestine are based on a programme agreed upon by world Jewry.

What we and the Arab countries fear from the Zionists are:

1. That they will carry out a series of massacres as between themselves and the Arabs...

3. That the ambitions of the Jews are not confined to Palestine alone. The preparations they have made show that they intend to take hostile action against neighboring Arab countries. 10

President Roosevelt responded with his own letter, assuring the king that the American position had not changed and that America would not recognize a Jewish state. The letter, dated April 5, 1945, follows:

I have received the communication which Your Majesty sent me under date of March 10, 1945, in which you refer to the question of Palestine...

I am gratified that Your Majesty took this occasion to bring your views on this question to my attention and I have given the most careful attention to the statements which you make in your letter. I am also mindful of the memorable conversation which we had not so long ago and in the course of which I had an opportunity to obtain so vivid an impression of Your Majesty's sentiments on this question.

Your Majesty will recall that on previous occasions I communicated to you the attitude of the American Government toward Palestine and made clear our desire that no decision be taken with respect to the basic situtation in that country without full consultation with both Arabs and Jews. Your Majesty will also doubtless recall that during our recent conversation I assured you that I would take no action, in my capacity as Chief of the Executive Branch of this Government, which might prove hostile to the Arab people.

It gives me pleasure to renew to Your Majesty the assurances which you have previously received regarding the attitude of my Government and my own, as Chief Executive, with regard to the question of Palenstine and to inform you that the policy of this Goverment in this respect is unchanged.11

In his response, the president let the lies and vicious attacks against the Jews go unchallenged, and he even seemed in agreement with them! President Roosevelt put the United States in league with the king of Saudi Arabia and in direct opposition to God's plan for Israel. In doing so, he radically changed how America had been working within God's plan.

On April 12, 1945, exactly one week after writing this letter, President Roosevelt died. The man who had personally blocked the rebirth of Israel was replaced by Harry Truman, a true Zionist in his support for a new state of Israel. The roadblock was removed and the road was open for America to recognize Israeli statehood. The timing of these events was breathtaking, as God was not going to let anyone hinder the rebirth of Israel. The time for Israeli statehood had arrived.

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