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Lucifer Dethroned

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Author: William Schnoebelen
ISBN: 9780937958414
Price: $16.95 US
Pages: 352 - Paperback

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I Was a Vampire

Exerpt from "Lucifer Dethroned"

You have no idea what it is like to awaken to the need for the taste of blood in your mouth.

You cannot imagine what it’s like to drive through the moist and midnight streets of a city praying that you would find a lone woman upon whom you might feed… and yet another part of you praying that you would NOT find such a woman, for fear of what you might really do.

That is probably a dismaying or even offensive statement for most. Be patient with me as I take you into a world where few have ever trod. It helps to understand where I came from in order to appreciate what Satan can do to people—and more importantly, what Jesus Christ can do for people.

I would awaken from sleep, craving the taste of blood, just as the cigarette addict arises fumbling for the pack of smokes beside his bed. My awakening was different from most, in that I awoke in the late afternoon. I had arranged to work graveyard shift jobs — first as a night watchman, and later as a driver for the morning edition of a newspaper.

Normally, I would awaken in a small, closet-like bedroom, heavily shrouded in purple velvet draperies to keep out every trace of sunlight. I slept on the floor, surrounded by Satanic paintings on the free walls and ceiling which were designed to be doorways into alternate dimensions of reality —other universes.

During certain seasons of the year, when I would have a particularly difficult time, I would sleep in a specially constructed coffin fashioned according to precise, occult specifications and covered on the floor with “blessed” earth from the consecrated Catholic cemetery brought from my home town. More of this “holy” earth was under my mattress.

I needed blood! While other sinful men craved women’s bodies, I was only interested in their necks or femoral arteries. My life was lived in near darkness, and I worshipped beings I called the Great Old Ones. Lucifer was but one of them, though an important one. I believed that these Old Ones were gradually turning me into an immortal being who would live forever.

My heroes were men like Nero, Hitler and Dracula, and I believed that I had daily contact with such men through channeling of spirits. They guided me — unholy spirits serving an unholy lord — and I followed “them” with a desperate and somber joy.
How could any human being come to such a place? How could a person become so depraved and evil that they needed to live on human blood? The answer to that question lies in this book — in the true story of a person caught in a trajectory of evil from which there is no escape, except through Jesus.


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Reader Reviews

Glasses "Once you have learned the truth, it will set you free!"
"I have been a police officer for twenty two years, including the past eight years trying to unravel the intricacies of the worldwide Satanic Conspiracy. I am grateful that experts such Bill and Sharon Schnoebelen have been raised up to add their depth and detail of understanding to God's Network in these last days.

"This book was written in obedience to Ephesians 5:11, 'Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.'"

"Whether the reader is an occult practitioner or a humble prayer warrior, this book will be a valuable asset! Bill and Sharon humbly share the evil in their past lives. Their account is filtered and tempered, yet graphic and believable. They cite their sources and openly invite the reader to 'check them out' through occult, secular and Biblical references.

"Commit your reading of Lucifer Dethroned to the true Creator of the Universe, so that He can quicken your heart to His truth that is contained in this book. When you have finished reading, re-reading, and prayerfully checking it against Scripture, ask God how He would have you use what you have learned for His glory.

"Once you have learned the truth, it will set you free!"

Glasses I am glad to recommend Bill and Sharon, and their book...
I have been a pastor for over thirty years and have met many brothers and sisters of the faith. But very few people have stirred my heart on the original meeting, as when I first met Bill Schnoebelen. My spirit just shouted, "You can trust this man!"

Bill has revealed a knowledge of God's Word that has amazed and blessed me personally. I have had him preach and teach and have seen nothing but the Joy of the Lord and the Power of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I know that the Lord has brought Bill and Sharon into the Body of Christ to teach us about this very important subject from a first-hand point of view.

I am glad to recommend Bill and Sharon, and their book, Lucifer Dethroned, to the Body of Christ. I have seen many people that Christ has delivered from the very clutches of Satan through Bill and Sharon's ministry, "With One Accord."

We join Bill and Sharon in giving all the glory to God!


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Enthronement
Chapter 2 - Ghostbusters?
Chapter 3 - Know Your Enemy
Chapter 4 - The Ceremony of Innocence is Drowned
Chapter 5 - The Devil's Avenger
Chapter 6 - Into the Belly of the Beast
Chapter 7 - The Coming Forth by Night
Chapter 8 - Dealing with the Brotherhood
Chapter 9 - The Infrastucture of Satanism
Chapter 10 - "The Cathedral of Pain"
Chapter 11 - The Waltz of the Sadducees
Chapter 12 - "...The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come"
Chapter 13 - Answers to Some Hard Questions
Chapter 14 - The Tunnels of Typhon
Chapter 15 - "Defectors" from the Darkness
Chapter 16 - Un-holy Grail
Chapter 17 - Dispelling the Darkness
Chapter 18 - Speaking from the Inferno
Chapter 19 - Witnessing to a Devil-worshipper
Chapter 20 - Wrong Way Down a One-Way Street
Chapter 21 - Regenerated, Called and Commissioned!
Appendix 1
Appendix 2

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