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What others say about the Alberto comics

"Just wanted to tell you a Catholic lady I know got your Alberto comic and quit the (Catholic) church." CA

"I was saved after reading the Alberto series."

"I am now a true Christian, by the grace of God, after 23 years as a nun. I can state, from personal knowledge, that Dr. Rivera is telling the truth about the Roman Catholic system." Ex-Sister Superior

"My wife and I were both Roman Catholics our entire lives. A Christian friend gave us a copy of Alberto. I started researching the things it said and I found them to be true! What a shock to my wife and I. We both starting reading the Bible to find out more and by God's grace we were both saved and gave our lives to the Lord. We both want to thank you for leading us to the Lord. We came out of Babylon. Praise the Lord!" NY

"I am a Muslim by birth and I have a friend who is a Christian. He likes me so much that he gave me some of your books to read. When I read them I was afraid, especially "The Prophet". When I read that Mohammed was not sent by God to be a prophet, I gave my life to Jesus!" Nigeria

"Some 10 years ago my 3 sons came into the kitchen and said 'Mummy, we are no longer Catholics. It is a wicked church and we want no part of it. We just read this comic (one of Alberto series)... have you ever heard of the Inquisition? Horrible!' They were aged 10, 8, (and) 5 years. Now we are serving the Lord." Ghana