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Beloved in Christ,

The devil loves to feed us lies. Do any of these sound familiar? “You don’t need to share
Christ.” “You’re too busy.” “You don’t have the theological training.” “It’s too scary.” “Witnessing is the pastor’s job.”
The devil doesn’t care if you do nothing more than go to church, look at your Bible, or feed the poor. Christian concerts and conventions don’t terrify him, either. But when you share the gospel with the lost, and souls are saved from hell, it sends shockwaves down the devil’s spine. He’ll do anything to stop you from doing that.

Witnessing Made Easy

It was uncanny.  Every time I started to witness, a phone would ring or some other interruption would keep me from sharing the gospel. There had to be an easier way. So I started writing gospel tracts so the unsaved could take it with them and read it on their own time. In the last 50 years, over 750 million Chick tracts have been printed in more than 100 languages. And hundreds of thousands of Christians have found, like I did, how easy it is to use tracts to share the gospel. They work whether you hand them out or put them where someone can find them.

If you want to reach the lost, Chick tracts are for you. As you read, you’ll learn why they make witnessing so easy.

Your brother in Christ,

       Jack Chick