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We receive hundreds of testimonies every year from people who tell us they accepted the Lord after reading a Chick tract. For over 40 years, God has been using Chick cartoon tracts to get people's attention and present the gospel. Lives are being changed everyday!

It's not possible for us to fit every testimony on this page but here are some of the best ones we've received over the years:

Someone left a Chick tract on a restaurant table, which I read and a friend also gave a Chick tract to me. With that combination I turned from being a Hindu to a Christian. That was 10 years ago. I am now a pastor. M.B., Clovis, CA

I'm a pastor. I was saved in jail in 1984 after reading a Chick tract! Email

Over twenty years ago my brother and his wife gave me several of your tracts. After reading THIS WAS YOUR LIFE! the Holy Spirit convicted me so strongly that I knelt down at the foot of the bed and repented of my sins and confessed Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Alabama

Your tracts planted the seed that led me to Christ. I was saved after seeing tons of tracts laying all over Wal-Mart while working, shopping, etc. California

I came to Christ out of a totally heathen background and one of the most instrumental ministries in my life was a Chick tract given to me by my brother. Texas

At the age of 10, I accepted Jesus because a friend had given me some of your tracts. Email

I've been saved almost two years, and Chick tracts really opened my eyes to see my real need of Christ. Email

I was shaken back into the fear of the Lord from my backslidden state by THIS WAS YOUR LIFE! that I found on my seat in a subway train. Email

You used to turn my stomach, now I support you whole-heartedly. From bondage to freedom (Catholicism to Christ) is what I praise the Lord for. North Carolina

When I was a teenager, someone gave me a Chick tract. I took it home and read it. When I finished I prayed and asked Jesus to be my Savior. Minnesota

I was saved through one of your tracts at the age of 14. Ulster, Ireland

In 1989 I was depressed and even suicidal. I was walking the streets of Nashville one night and I happened upon THIS WAS YOUR LIFE! laying on a grease spot in a parking lot. I read it, threw it down and then came back and read it again. In the months that followed I repented and was saved. Texas

Many years ago I was saved by reading the tract CREATOR OR LIAR? I now use Chick tracts as the outreach evangelist for my church. Pennsylvania

In 1972 I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ through your tracts. I am now an ordained minister. Texas

20 years ago I became a pagan/Wiccan. Then I read a Chick tract. It affected me so much I left Wicca and converted to Christianity. I am now a born again Christian. Thank you. Email

I've enjoyed your tracts for years. Thank you for making it easier for me to witness. California


"The first time I saw one of your tracts was in my child’s Halloween candy sack. This Was Your Life, I can honestly say, changed my life. It was a step that led to salvation… Praise God!" Parent

I'm 15, and I go to a Hispanic church. A lot of people that have joined our church have been born again by the tracts. Email

I was handed some of your tracts. At first, I rejected the message as being too naïve and simplistic! But I could not bring myself to throw them away, instead keeping them and bringing them out a few times a year just to have a good laugh. But six years ago, I received Jesus as Lord and Savior, your tracts having played a big part! Oregon

I was given a FLIGHT 144 tract by a patient. I felt myself to be a "good" person by world standards. I kept re-reading the tract. I became a Christian three months ago. I now give a tract to every patient. Email

I found your tracts in school and read the message. The tracts brought me to faith in Jesus. Thank you. Email

One evening, David Seeley and four other men left Oregon to drive to a conference near Los Angeles. While stopped for gas, one of the men handed a Chick tract to a young man. David recalls, "As we drove away, he was standing there reading the tract. I left him in God's hands." The next morning, 700 miles later, David noticed a familiar looking man near a restroom. I thought, "Could this be the same guy?" The man approached and asked, "Did you give me this tract last night?" He had read the tract and was under conviction. After answering a few questions, David led him to Christ. "It was so easy," David says. "After reading the tract, he understood everything I said to him." Email

I got saved reading a Chick tract given to me by a minister friend of mine who never gave up on me for over five years. Email

A lady at our church was saved after reading a Chick tract. She had been a church member for years but after reading the tract she realized that she needed to be saved. Email

My 15-year-old son came to me in tears last night after I gave him a Chick tract. He said, "Dad, I have been such a sinner, I asked Jesus Christ into my life today." I am full of joy. Email

I used the tract THE EXECUTION in a small congregation. Two boys 15 and 14 years old accepted the Lord. Is there any greater joy than this? Email

On Halloween, we put candy and a Chick tract into kid's bags. My son gave a tract to a boy he recognized from school. The next week, the boy greeted my son at school and told him he got saved, and that his dad is taking him to church. New Jersey

I am 14 years old. After reading the tract HI THERE I have repented, and made Jesus Christ the Lord and Saviour of my life. I wish to serve him and tell my friends about him. South Africa

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