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A quick comparison of Bible versions shows that they are really not the same. Some leave out entire verses, others disagree on whether Jesus should be called God's servant or God's Son. But how do you decide which is completely correct?

The experts want to impress you, so they make it sound complicated. But the bottom line is that there are two different texts from which Bibles are translated, and only one can be correct. Choosing the right one is not the realm of Greek and Hebrew scholars, either.

It boils down to one simple question...
See the question

Some Bibles create faith - others DOUBT.


Read 'The Attack' online.

See the behind-the-scenes struggle to destroy the King James Bible, and how God preserved it. Includes a section showing some of the scriptures missing from many modern Bibles.

Read 'No Liars in Heaven' online.

This is a free promotional message to show Christians they need to check their Bible and make sure nothing is missing.

See list of videos, by author David W. Daniels, about key Bible version issues.

'Look What's Missing'

Publishers are removing things from new Bibles!

Learn more

  'Let's Weigh the Evidence'

The Bible version issue made simple

Learn more

More books on Bible Versions
DVD: 'A Lamp in the Dark'

The untold history of the Bible

Learn more

  DVD: 'Is Your Bible Missing Something'

Publishers are removing things from new Bibles!

Learn more

Articles on Bible Versions:

Differences Between Bible Versions
Should we make an issue of Bible translations?
Text upon which they are based
Translation method (dynamic vs formal equivalence)
Words changed to get copyright.
What Will You Do When They Know It’s Not True?

New International Version

Take the NIV challenge
NIV chips away at vital doctrines about Jesus
Is it hard to be saved?
Isn't it good enough to find the missing words in my NIV in the footnotes?
155 verses where the NIV dishonors the Lord.

King James Version

What about the archaic words?
Hasn't the King James Bible been revised?
Should I John 5:7 be in the King James Bible?
Where was the Bible before 1611?
Didn't the KJV contain the Apocrypha at first?
Was King James a homosexual?
Professor thought "KJV only" people were nuts.
Linguist says, 'The King James Bible changed my life."
Wasn't Erasmus, whose work led to the Textus Receptus, really a Roman Catholic?
It's easy to see the change in people when they begin reading God's preserved words.

Additional Articles

Didn't the Roman Catholic Church give us the Bible?
God's attitude toward those who would "correct" His Word.
Bible translator says, "I'm in trouble with the Lord..."
A child asks, "Which Bible is God's Word?"
What about the Septuagint?
Resources for further study.

David Daniels Answers Your Bible Version Questions

Read complete list of questions.
Popular topics
   Can I read the NIV and still
     be saved?
   Didn't the Roman Catholic Church
     give us the Bible?
   Are the Hebrew and Greek behind
     the New King James the same as
     that for the King James Bible?

Theological Importance

Did Jesus have a beginning?
Are the Scriptures just the "ideas" of God, or are they the very WORDS of God? You decide!
Who needs hell?
Is Jesus God's Son, or God's servant?
Should you believe in Jesus before being baptized?
Does your church have false teeth?

New King James Version

Does the New King James use the same texts as the old King James?
What is wrong with the New King James Version (NKJV)?
The deity of Christ has been removed.
Is the New King James Version an improvement?

Westcott and Hort

They liked to chase ghosts, founding the Ghostly Society in England.
They didn't even believe in Heaven!
Detailed info about their lives and beliefs (from their own letters).

Online Study Resources

The Answer Book by Samuel Gipp
The King James Bible Companion by David W. Daniels
An Understandable History of the Bible by Samuel Gipp

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Books available from Chick on Bible versions

Doubt: Satan’s sharpest arrow.