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Pastor Brad Brandon, of the Word of Truth radio program, interviewed author David W. Daniels on AM 980 KKMS.

A list of questions David W. Daniels answers in this interview can be found below.

Bible Versions Discussion, Part 1 (mp3 file)
Host: Pastor Brad Brandon
Guest: David Daniels

  1. How many English Bibles and Bible versions are there?
  2. Don’t all Bible versions say basically the same thing?
  3. How does the Bible describe Jesus’ relation to Mary?
  4. Why do some people think the differences in Bibles are not important?
  5. Why are basic doctrines questioned by so many Christians?
  6. God promised to preserve His words, but are they found only in the originals?
  7. Where did all these new Bible translations come from?
  8. Which Bible version is the worst?

Bible Versions Discussion, Part 2 (mp3 file)
Host: Pastor Brad Brandon
Guest: David Daniels

  1. Isn't it good enough that missing words, phrases and verses are found in the footnotes?
  2. You claim that modern Bibles have become ecumenical. How did this come about?
  3. Questions from callers.

Pastor Brad Brandon and the Word of Truth airs Monday through Friday on AM 980 KKMS in the Twin Cities from 3:00 until 6:00 Central Time. The Word of Truth Radio Program looks at the world through a biblical perspective. Topics include; personal salvation, false religions, Christian living, Radical Islam, the leftist agenda, and much more. The wide range of topics and Pastor Brandon's "shoot it straight" attitude make this program both exciting and fun. You can listen to the Word of Truth live or podcast and listen back to the show at

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