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   Is Jack Chick still living?
Our beloved brother, Jack Chick, is now with the Lord. He was 92. Please go here for more information and to watch our video series, "You Don't Know Jack!
   Can I get discounts on Chick tracts and other literature?
Absolutely! Not only can you save by ordering in quantity (see Quantity Discounts) but we also offer a great bargain if you or your church are planning an outreach and can use 10,000 of one title (see half-price offer). We ship millions of tracts every year through this money-saving program.
   Why do you discontinue some tract titles?
Because Christians are not using them as much as other titles. Jack Chick is continually writing new tracts that grab people's attention, stop them in their tracks, and show them they need Jesus. Tracts that sit on our warehouse floor don't win anyone to Christ, so when a title becomes a slow mover, we replace it. We live in a changing world, and we always want to provide soul winners with the most powerful line of Chick tracts possible.That means occasionally dropping titles so we can replace them with others.
   Is there any way to get copies of some of your old titles?
Yes. There are two possibilities. First, after discontinuing a title, we usually have copies on hand for awhile. If you are interested in a particular title, you can call or e-mail us and ask if we have any copies left of the title you are interested in. The second possibility is this: We still have the printing negatives for most titles and, if you are willing to buy an entire press run of 10,000 copies, we will print them for you. (See Frequently Asked Questions.) If you absolutely must have a discontinued title, this is your answer.
   Will Chick Publications publish my book?
Our ministry is primarily publishing the gospel tracts of Jack T. Chick, but we do occasionally publish a manuscript in book form. If your manuscript educates Christians in one of the areas for which we have a tract, we would love to see it. An example: since we publish gospel tracts to win Roman Catholics to salvation by faith, it was natural for us to also accept the manuscript for the fine soul-winning tool, Answers to My Catholic Friends.Knowing that Christians need a better understanding of how Catholics might feel in order to help them, we also published Fifty Years in the Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy. Since we publish a gospel tract on evolution, we also agreed to publish Vanishing Proofs of Evolution by Thomas Heinze. Perhaps you have a manuscript that relates to one of our tract titles. Send it to Chick Publications, PO Box 3500, Ontario, CA 91761-1019 for consideration.

If your manuscript is a collection of poetry, or deals with a subject not related to our tracts, we have been told that the following publishers accept such manuscripts:

Destiny Image Publications
PO Box 310
Shippenburg, PA 17257


Morris Publishing
3112 E Hwy 30
Kearney, NE 68848

   How do I get titles translated into another language?
First, check our Non-English title listing; we may already have the title you want! If you still don't see what you need, we can print one of our tracts in another language if you can provide the translation and order 10,000 copies of that title (see half-price offer). Many missionaries do this, and a number of churches order them for their missionaries. If you would like to speak with someone to get more information on this special half-price offer, call Reba at 909-987-0771.
   How can I email a Chick tract to a friend?
We understand that you may wish to have non-Christian friends read a Chick tract online without them coming through our home page. To do this, simply email your friends the URL of the online tract. When they type in that URL, they will go directly to the tract. Click here to see a list of titles currently available online.
   Why preach against false religions? Why not just preach Jesus?
God has only one Truth. If something is not the Truth, it is false, and must be revealed as such. How tragic it would be to just stand idly by and let people go to hell, without so much as a word of warning.

Many people are trusting their church or their good works to save them. It's no fun when they get angry after hearing the Gospel, yet it sometimes happens. So why do we do it? Why not just remain silent, so everyone will like us, and let those people die without ever knowing the truth as shown in the Scriptures?

Here is why: God said, "When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand." Ezekiel 3:18. It's not hard to see that God requires us to speak up, even if it is unpopular.
   Isn't it intolerant to say all other religions besides Christianity are wrong?
We live in a world where it has become "politically correct" to avoid absolutes. Many want all religions to be given the same honor, and all gods regarded as equally true and equally fictitious. But take these same people, who want fuzzy, all-inclusive thinking in spiritual matters, and put them on an airplane. You will find they insist on a very dogmatic, intolerant pilot who will stay on the "straight and narrow" glidepath so their life will not come to a violent end short of the runway. They want no fuzzy thinking here!

The world contains numerous religions, each teaching a different god. These gods are not the same, and therefore cannot all be the Creator. True Christianity is based upon the Bible, the historically verifiable record of what God did in history. When the principles of the Bible are put into effect in a man's life, that life is dramatically changed.

This same Bible contains prophecies where men claimed to speak the words of God. The historical fact that these prophecies came to pass is proof that God was, in fact, speaking through them. These prophets foretold an incredible amount of detail about the coming Messiah, and Jesus Christ fulfilled them to the letter. When Jesus Christ rose from the dead, He was seen by so many eyewitnesses, that word of His resurrection spread throughout the civilized world like wildfire. This is historical fact. No ordinary man could ever do this.

We love people of all religions. In fact, we love them enough to want to show them the joy of knowing the True Creator. We are unwilling to lie to them and say that all gods are real, when we know this is not true. We are not being intolerant, but compassionate, desiring to help them find both joy in this life, and eternal life beyond. To do anything else would be dishonest.
   • You teach repentance in your tracts. Isn't that teaching salvation by works?