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Dear Ones in Christ,

Hot, humid nights are ahead as summer arrives, but this year it comes with unrest, hot tempers and vengeance that could make lots and lots of problems for us. Have you noticed the pictures on TV of the crowds in Arizona? Many are holding up their right arms with a clinched fist. That is the symbol of the communist party worldwide.

Beloved, if we thought communism was no longer a threat, then we’re badly mistaken. Communism is alive and well and growing nicely, especially in our school systems.

Young minds are not taught about God, but about trusting in government to help and guide them through life. Morals are shot, the 10 commandments are declared unconstitutional and above all a major shift is occurring. That which was considered right is now considered wrong.

Young people know nothing of the socialist governments of Germany and Russia that slaughtered millions. I believe we are quickly moving in that direction. People are relying on political change instead of the Lord to help them, and that’s very dangerous. The political leaders we rely on will often turn and surprise us, even betray our trust. We need to show the world that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only One we can really depend on.

The Lord once gave us a tract to counter this! But we pulled it back because it was ahead of the times. Now, we are releasing it again: The Poor Revolutionist! Forces are pushing for the fall of our nation, but this tract, if put in the hands of our youth, will push back this evil.

Read it carefully; The Poor Revolutionist is very effective.

Your brother in Christ,

           Jack Chick

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