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If you are a Christian, you want to share the best thing that ever happened to you with your friends. After all, you care about your friends, and you don't what them to go to hell... right? This app was designed to make sharing Jesus with them as easy as showing them your phone.

Just choose a title that looks like its subject might be a good discussion starter, show them how to turn the pages, and hand the phone over!

Chick tracts never pull punches... they deliver the truth head-on! Get some great conversation going now. Your friends will thank you for it. Don't worry if they start asking questions (they probably will). Use the "More Info" menu item to see articles that give you lots more information.

These are the same stories that are available as inexpensive little printed tracts from the Chick website. With over 800 million in print, they are a global phenomenon. Make sure your friends don't miss out on it.

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