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Table of Contents July/August 2018

Pope Forced to Backpedal in Chile
Pope Francis invited three of the most vocal victims of priest sexual abuse to the Vatican for a week of testimony only after the uproar from his accusation of slander.

Is Friendship Evangelism Enough
'Friendship evangelism' has been encouraged for a couple decades. As a result, higher percentages are not hearing the gospel. Why?

Are Bereans Out of Date?
Many pastors today have a high view of preaching and a low view of the Bible. Are there any examples in Scripture that show us God's opinion?

Christian Colleges: Obey God or Government!
As government continues to impose regulations contrary to God's Word, Bible believers are finding themselves the targets of 'anti-descrimnation' laws.

Boy Scouts No Longer 'Boy' Scouts
Once the Boy Scouts of America gave in to pressure from homosexual groups, they began making many more compromises and now they're many steps back from the original vision.

Vigilant Homeschoolers Win Again
Homeschoolers in California succeeded in fighting down a proposed bill that would have encroached on the freedoms of parents to oversee the education of their children.

Missions Report - July
Missionaries around the world tell how Chick tracts are affecting their ministries.

A special message from David W. Daniels

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