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Table of Contents May/June 2018

Virgin Mary Goddess Again Elevated by Pope Francis
Can Catholicism be "just another denomination" when it encourages Roman Catholics to go to the "Virgin Mary" for favors instead of Jesus?

Survey: 'Christians are Not Spreading the Gospel'
Pollster George Barna finds in a recent survey that, 'only two out of every five Christ followers (39%) believe that they should share the importance of reliance upon Christ with others.'

Did Jesus Give Up Being God?
Modern Bibles remove four important words that clarify an entire doctrine about Jesus being God and man. See for yourself.

'Should a Christian be a Mason?'
It goes against the spirit of Masonry for a member to take seriously the Great Commission, or to focus on living life as a Bible-believing Christian. Masonry is not concerned with the gospel.

European Evangelicals Raising Objection to Unity with the Pope
There are still some in the world who know Rome's bloody history and recognize that only her approach, not her doctrine, has changed.

'Great Commission' Foreign to 50% of Church Goers
Having eliminated all biblical training in our government schools —and at most family dinner tables— recent generations are strikingly illiterate of even common biblical concepts.

Missions Report - May
Missionaries around the world tell how Chick tracts are affecting their ministries.

A special message from David W. Daniels

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