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Until now, no Spanish Bible was free from corrupted Alexandrian texts. But that all changed with the release of the Reina Valera Gómez 2010 Bible... the only Spanish Bible that follows the Received Text in every single verse.

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Chick Publication's Endorsement

For years, we at Chick Publications wrestled with which Spanish Bible version we should use in our tracts for Spanish-speaking people because we found problems with all of them.

A few years ago one Spanish Bible version was sent to us, claiming to have fixed the corrupt Alexandrian errors. We almost went with it, but when we sent a copy to our professional Spanish translators, to our dismay, they found numerous mistakes. I was crestfallen.

At that point I despaired of finding a Spanish Bible that was as true in form and meaning to God's preserved Greek and Hebrew as the King James is in English.

But a couple of years ago, missionaries began encouraging us to consider the Reina Valera Gómez (RVG) Bible. They were so polite and godly in their correspondence that we ordered some copies. Then I asked our Spanish translators and various other Spanish speakers to read them and give me their thoughts, as I checked my copy of the RVG.

The results were quite positive. Brother Humberto was humble enough to correct the few errors we found at that earlier stage. "After all," he said, "it is not my Bible." That has been his attitude in all the time I have come to know him.

It is exciting that Brother Gómez spent several years cleaning up the text, in conjunction with other Bible-believers in thirteen countries. Even when Brother Gómez only had a draft copy, the people received the RVG2004 as the best Bible they had ever seen, and offered themselves to help in the proofreading process.

In this way many Christians were able to read and re-read the RVG2004 and show him anything that still needed to be corrected to match God's preserved words. Now the process has been completed. The RVG2010 is the result of over five years of careful review from many qualified scholars and Bible-believers of all sorts.

All these Christians have seen that the form of Spanish communicates well in all those diverse countries, without bias or misunderstanding. The product of Gómez' work, checked by those countless brothers and sisters under his leadership, is called the Reina Valera Gómez Bible.

We were overjoyed. As a result, we at Chick Publications worked hard to change the scriptures in our Spanish tracts to use the RVG2010. And any future Spanish literature from Chick Publications will also quote the RVG2010.

In short, I fully and enthusiastically endorse the Reina Valera Gómez Bible as God's preserved words in Spanish.

David W. Daniels
Research Consultant

God's Bible in Spanish

How God preserved His words in Spanish through the RVG

A message from the author

For me to lead souls to Christ I need a Bible. I have learned that not just any Bible will do. I want a Bible that is completely accurate, with nothing missing. In 1602 God provided the Spanish-speaking world His precious words in the Reina-Valera Bible.

However, after 1602, modernistic, ecumenical Bible societies got their hands on our Received Text-based Protestant Bible in Spanish and corrupted it by incorporating Alexandrian Critical Texts.

For several years, I was puzzled over which Spanish Bible I should use. They all had problems. I prayed that God would raise up some brave Hispanic Bible believer to revise the Reina-Valera Bible by replacing the corruptions with pure readings that reflected the Received Texts.

God answered my prayer. This book reveals the history behind the making of the Reina-Valera Gómez Bible (RVG) and expresses the true motives and desires that drove this work.

Following this fascinating history is a 44 page chart showing the corruptions that found their way into our Bibles, and how they are corrected in the RVG.

Emanuel RodrĂ­guez

Which Bible should I use?

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