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Does Jack Chick hate Catholics?

Quite the opposite. In the mid-1970's, when he first began to understand what Roman Catholicism really teaches, he knew it was unscriptural. He also knew that to speak out against it would be unpopular and hurt his publishing company.

After much prayer, he made the decision that, no matter what it cost him personally, he would publish the truth that Roman Catholicism is not Christian. He did it because he loves Catholics and wants them to be saved through faith in Jesus, not trusting in religious liturgy and sacraments. He paid a price for that decision in many ways, as priests and nuns entered Christian bookstores screaming and making a scene, demanding that the store owner not stock Chick tracts. Some "Christian" media have even refused to accept advertising from Chick Publications, fearing any "controversy" that might hurt their cash flow.

But God has been faithful (as He always is) and has protected Chick Publications over the years. Jack Chick has made it clear that if he had it to do over again, he wouldn't change a thing. The letters from so many Catholics who have read Chick's anti-Catholic material and have gotten saved carry one theme: "Thank you for loving us enough to tell us the truth!" Those precious people make it all worthwhile.

Aren't all churches coming together in unity?

The move toward the global church is called the "ecumenical movement." Spearheaded by the Roman Catholic Church, it is designed to bring all churches under the influence of the pope. Since the idea of love and unity is very appealing, many Christians have welcomed the idea, without thinking it through. How can an evangelical Christian, saved by faith alone, be in unity with a Roman Catholic who believes in salvation by good works? The result is always a watering down of the simple, pure gospel.

In his book, Smokescreens (you can read it online), Jack Chick explains why it is important for us to witness to Catholics, rather than accepting them as brothers and sisters in Christ. We must love them enough to tell them the truth! Some will become angry, others will respond in faith. But if we truly love them, we won't hold back the truth.

For more information in this subject, we make available a number of books. In addition, you can read online a comparison of the current catechism with the Bible, showing how it teaches a false gospel, written by Rick Jones (see Understanding Roman Catholicism).

Didn't Christianity consist of the Catholic Church for the first 1500 years?

No. While the Catholic Church was seeking to control the world through religion, true Christians were running for their lives from the Catholic holocaust that ran for centuries.

God has always had His people, faithful to Him and His Word. They had no part in the Roman Catholic Church. Through much of history, organized religion has hunted and slaughtered God's people. For an excellent overview of this, read the classic work, "The Trail of Blood."

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