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Once a year, it's so easy. Don't miss out!

The best time to give the gospel to kids in your neighborhood is almost here! Don't hide in the back of your house with the lights off.

Share Jesus with the kids.

Simply drop a tract or two and some candy into their bags and you'll be giving the gospel to kids and their families without leaving home.

Join the growing number of Christians who leave their porch light on and take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity!

See 4 Easy Witnessing Ideas!

1. Tracts make great coloring books!

Wrap 3 crayons together and include them with a tract in a plastic bag. The young kids absolutely love (and remember) this unique gift!
(Best tracts to use for coloring books: "One Way," "Charlie's Ants," "The Little Ghost," "Best Friend," and "The Present.")

2. Tract rolls with candy!

Take one tract, 3 round candies, and rubber band them together. Prepared ahead of time, these are so easy to give out.

3. Let kids grab candy and a tract!

Fill a large bowl with candy and put tracts around the edge. This is quick and easy and kids like to pick what they want.

4. Let the older kids pick!

Put a variety of tracts on a tray and let them CHOOSE their favorites.

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Here's what happened last year

"Our church gave us invitations that we included in our candy and tract baggies. Our 4-year-old son helped us give them out. He hi-fived us each time he gave out a baggy! Kids and parents were blown away by the comic books we gave out with candy."
S.L., California

"Instead of waiting for the kids to come by, we hit the streets and took Chick tract treats to them. The kids and some of the parents thought it was so cool that I brought the treats to them. 100 gift bags were passed out. It was a marvelous success!"
J.C., Texas

"This is the best time to witness because of the multitude of children who come to my door. I wrapped tracts and candy with a rubber band and handed them out. I told each visitor, 'Jesus loves you.' It made me feel useful to serve the Lord in this way."
L.R, Illinois

"We gave the gospel to over 30 children. Everyone exclaimed over the treat bag of candy with the crayons and 'coloring booklet' (tract.)"
D.M., Rhode Island

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