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This Halloween, many unsaved children will come to your door seeking a treat.

Many have no understanding of who Jesus is or the price He paid for them on the cross. As Christians, we do know!

So, let's not be silent but honor our Lord and use this once-a-year opportunity to reach kids and their parents with the gospel. It's so easy!

You'll love the reactions on the kids' faces when they see you're giving out candy AND CARTOONS! Simply drop a tract or two and some candy into their bags and you'll be giving the gospel to kids and their families without leaving home.

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1. Tracts make great coloring books!

Try wrapping 3 crayons together and including them with a tract in a plastic bag. The young kids absolutely love (and remember) this unique gift!
(Best tracts to use for coloring books: "One Way," "Charlie's Ants," "The Little Ghost," "Best Friend," and "The Present.")

2. Tract rolls with candy!

You can take one tract along with 3 round candies and rubber band them together. Prepared ahead of time, these are so easy to give out.

3. Let kids grab candy and a tract!

Fill a large bowl with candy and put tracts around the edge. This is quick and easy and kids like to pick what they want.

4. Let the older kids pick!

Put a variety of tracts on a tray and let them CHOOSE their favorites.

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"Your candy and tract idea has been used the last 6 years at my house. Kids love Chick tracts. Some kids said, 'Hey, they're giving out the good stuff!'"
A.P., California

"It was the most fun we've had in a long time. You were right! The kids were so excited to see the comics they would almost forget the candy. We gave out over 90 comics. Not one Chick tract was left on the ground the next morning."
B.H., Arizona

"I gave out 277 tracts. One child yelled back over her shoulder as I put a tract in her bag, 'This is the good place, we get the comic books!'"
S.A., Facebook

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