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Mary's Kids  

Chick Tract - Mary's Kids
(Released November 3rd)

Grandma learns that Mary was a sinner saved by grace, just like the rest of us.
English        Spanish

Miss Universe  

Chick Tract - Miss Universe
(Released November 3rd)

God sent Esther to deliver Israel. He sent His Son to deliver you! Will you accept Him?
English        Spanish

Which Bible Would Jesus Use?  

Which Bible Would Jesus Use?

Everyone's got an opinion as to which Bible is best. If Jesus walked into your church, which Bible would He quote from?

Latest articles:
Houston, YOU have a problem!
In a dispute over a ballot item, city attorneys threatened 5 local pastors with subpoenas if they did not turn over all their sermons related to the "bathroom bill" lawsuit.

Harry Potter Re-Write Now "OK" for Christians?
Author and mother, Grace Ann, says her version won't "Lead your children astray!"