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Kitty in the Window   Chick Tract - Kitty in the Window

A kitty in the window got Claire’s attention and she tried the doorbell one more time. Her persistence helped change a woman’s destiny.
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Unthinkable   Comic Book - Unthinkable

There is a little-known direct link between America's dealings with Israel and our prosperity or disasters. The future leaders of America will be forced to make a choice: support Israel or try and force them to give up land for peace.

Soul Survivor   Chick Tract - Soul Survivor

Your soul is the real "you." Do you know where "you" are going?
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Latest articles:

Why Mutilate the Body?
There have been several recent news stories of parents funding hormone treatments for their young children to change their gender. But nobody asks these parents the most important question.

Bible Bait-and-Switch
How do you know if your Bible is the real thing or a cheap knock-off? Well, just look at all the verses that have been taken out.