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Can You Trust Just One Bible?   Paperback Book - Can You Trust Just One Bible?

Answers to the Most Common Anti-KJV Accusations

Keep the Secret   Chick Tract - Keep the Secret
(Released January 4th)

Joey thinks he is in control of his life. But someone unseen is pulling the strings.
English        Spanish

The Last Judge   Chick Tract - The Last Judge
(Released January 4th)

Samuel was a great judge. But he's nothing like that final judge we must all stand before. He knows everything we've ever done.
English        Spanish

Holy Night   Chick Tract - Holy Night
(Released November 2nd)

A little boy decides to obey God, and a wounded veteran’s life is completely changed.
English        Spanish

Baby Talk   Chick Tract - Baby Talk
(Released November 2nd)

A teenager learns abortion is murder and Jesus is the only solution.
English        Spanish

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