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What's new?

Bed Time   Chick Tract - Bed Time
(To be introduced to the public March 2nd)

Emily had never heard of Jesus or the Gospel. But now she understands. The gospel for young children.
English        Spanish

Scream!   Chick Tract - Scream!
(To be introduced to the public March 2nd)

When the collapsing roof dumped him into the flames, Fred thought he had seen hell. But the real hell is much worse.
English        Spanish

Where's Your Name?   Chick Tract - Where's Your Name?
(Released January 2nd)

Hell... what it is, where it came from, and how YOU can stay away from it.
English        Spanish

Man of the Match   Chick Tract - Man of the Match
(Released January 2nd)

For soccer fans. Eddie's fame and skill were no help when he learned he had only weeks to live. The same story as The Superstar, redrawn with black characters.
English        Spanish

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Is a Window for the Gospel Closing in India?
India appears to be nearing a change that may seriously affect the gospel. The recent election of a hard-line Hindu president is encouraging attacks on both Christians and Muslims by Hindus.

Did God Plan a Do-It-Yourself Bible?
You'll be surprised to learn what is being taught by most fundamental Bible college and seminary professors – and the pastors they train.