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More of Alberto's Testimony

As a Jesuit priest being groomed for leadership, Alberto Rivera was personally taught the plans and history of his order by his superiors. Much of what they told him could not be written down (no one would dare). But books shown below give the rest of his story, with details that will match the record of history, and shock you as world events of this generation suddenly all make sense!

Cover image Part I - Alberto

As a Jesuit, Alberto helped destroy churches and ministries. But as he read the Scriptures, he saw that Catholicism couldn't save.

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Cover image Part II - Double Cross
  • Find out why Alberto was placed on a death list.
  • Read the incredible oath he had to take as a Jesuit.
  • See why the ecumenical movement will lead to a final "inquisition."
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Cover image Part III - Godfathers
  • Was the Vatican responsible for World Wars I and II?
  • Why did Cardinal Pacelli (later to become Pope Pius XII) make a special treaty with Adolph Hitler?
  • You'll meet the MOTHER OF ABOMINATIONS described in Revelation 17.
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Cover image Part IV - The Force
  • Movies and TV have conditioned people to believe that a Catholic priest is required to exorcise demons who have taken control of a person. Is this true, or is it a devilishly clever scheme by Satan to make the people rely more and more on their priest for protection and cost them their souls? The answer contains many surprises.
  • What is the real power behind the crucifix?
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Cover image Part V - Four Horsemen
  • Who are the Four Horsemen of Revelation?
  • Who did Martin Luther and other Reformation leaders insist was the "Anti-Christ?"
  • See the chart containing the front organizations through which the Jesuit order seeks to dominate the world economy for the antichrist.
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Cover image Part VI - The Prophet
  • See how Rome guided the development of Islam, only to be double-crossed later.
  • Read how the Virgin Mary is being used to bring that rebellious daughter, Islam, back into cooperation with "Mother Church." The global "super-church" is forming!
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When you have read Alberto's testimony, you will understand why Rome went to such effort to discredit him. His information fits so well with the evidence of history, it becomes clear he had the "inside track" on information you weren't supposed to hear.

All this is contained in the seven-volume "Alberto Series" comic pack. Also included is "The Big Betrayal," the testimony of Charles Chiniquy, another well-known priest who left Rome to trust only in Christ. Read it today!

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