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Foxe's Book of Martyrs

Table of Contents

History of Christian Martyrs to the First General Persecutions Under Nero

Particulars of the Ascendancy of the Popes Throughout Christendom, from the Time of William the Conqueror, to that of Wickliffe.

Cruelties Exercised by the Inquisitions of Spain, Portugal, Italy, &c.

The Life, Sufferings, and Martyrdom of John Huss, Who Was Burnt at Constance in Germany

Account of the Life, Sufferings, and Martyrdom of Jerome of Prague, Who Was Burnt at Constance, in Germnay, for Maintaining the Doctrine of Wickliffe

History of the English Martyrdom and Reformation, With an Account of Wickliffe and his Doctrines

Historical Account of the Progress of the Reformation in the Reign of King Henry VII

Containing the Acts and Things Done in the Reign of King Edward the Sixth

The Reign of Queen Mary - Accession and Deposition of the Lady Jane Gray - First Entering of Queen Mary to the Crown - Alterations of Religion, and Other Perturbances Happening the Same Time in England

The Reign of Queen Mary Continued. The Report of the Disputation Had and Begun in the Convocation House at London, Appointed by the Queen, Oct. 18, 1553

Wyatt's Rebellion - Lady Jane Gray - Conversation With Fecknam - Letters - Behaviour at Execution, With Other Matters

Account of a Public Disputation Which Was Appointed by the Queen's Special Command in a Convocation Held at St. Mary's Church in Oxford

Disputation at Oxford Between Dr. Smith, With His Other Colleagues and Doctors, and Bishop Ridley

Proceedings of the Papists Against the Protestants - Beheading of the Duke of Suffolk - Declaration of Mr. Bradford and Others - Marriage of Queen Mary With Philip, Prince of Spain - Events That Followed the Marriage

Cardinal Pole Arrives From Rome - His Absolution - Gardiner's Sermon - Nation Returns to Popery - Faithfulness of the Protestant Leaders - Difference of Sentiment Between Pole and Gardiner Respecting Heretics

Containing a Further Account of the Murdering of God's Saints, With the Processes and Names of Such Good Martyrs as in this Time of Queen Mary Where Put to Death

The Life and Martyrdom of John Hooper, Bishop of Worchester and Gloucester

The Life and Martyrdom of Dr. Rowland Taylord, Who Suffered for the Truth of God's Word, Under the Tyranny of the Roman Bishops, the 9th Day of February, 1555.

An Account of Several Protestants, Who Were Persecuted, Tormented, and Most of Them Burned, Under the Tyranny of Bonner, Bishop of London

The Abbey Lands Restored - Death of Pope Julius - Examination and Burning of George Marsh at Chester

Examination and Martyrdom of William Flower, John Cardmaker, John Warne, John Simson, and John Ardeley

Containing the Examination and Martyrdom of Mr. Thomas Haukes and Mr. Thomas Watts; With Some Other Incidents of the Period

The Life and Martyrdom of John Bradford, Who Together With John Leaf Was Burned in Smithfield

Account of William Minge and James Trevisam - Examinations and Martyrdom of John Bland - Account of Sheterden, Frankesh, and Middleton - Story of Hall, Waid, and Margery Polley

Burning of Dirick Carver, John Launder, John Denley, John Newman, Patrick Packingham, and Other Godly Martyrs

History and Martyrdom of Bishop Ridley and Bishop Latimer, and Character of Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester

The Martyrdom of John Webbe, George Roper, Gregory Parke, William Wiseman, James Gore, and John Philpot

The Story of Seven Martyrs Suffering Together at London - Five Other Martyrs Burned at Canterbury

The Life, State, and Martyrdom of the Reverend Pastor and Prelate, Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury

Continuation of Faithful Martyrs for the Cause of Christ Who Suffered Between March and September 1556

The Visitation of the Universities - Burning of the Dead Bodies of Bucer and Phagius - With the Cruel Handling of God's Saints in Other Parts of the Realm, in the Year 1557

God's Providence in Preserving the Lady Elizabeth - Unprosperousness of Queen Mary's Reign - Divine Judgments on Persecutors - Conclusion