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This Halloween, trick-or-treaters will come to your door asking for a treat. It's the perfect time to drop a gospel tract in their bag along with the candy. What better "treat" is there than the gospel?

As Christians, we don't celebrate Halloween, but it is one of the greatest opportunities we have to point a dying world to Jesus! It never gets easier than this to give kids and their families the gospel in one night.

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Give "Everlasting Treats" This Halloween!


"...we had a boy come tonight, trick or treating. I didn't realize he had a friend with him. I gave him some sweets and a This Was Your Life tract. As he left, the sweets were completely forgotten and they were both rapt with the 'little book.' God bless Jack for giving us this opportunity to witness. He is right, it is so easy!" M.M., E-mail

"I read up on what the Halloween tradition was and saw it wasn't Christian, but giving out tracts are! The first time I did this I heard from several children, 'Mom, look a book. On Jesus!' It caught on so much my neighbors asked what special treat I was giving out each year." D.M., OH

"I just love the fall, because I like to pass out your Halloween tracts, even starting in September I pass them out. Teens and kids love them." A.H., Facebook

"We had over 250 kids come to our house for Halloween! I was so excited to be able to give that many tracts away! Praying for lots of seeds to be planted!" H.R., Facebook

Suggested Tracts For Halloween

When handing out Chick tracts on Halloween, consider the ages of the trick-or-treaters when deciding which tracts to drop in their bags. Some tracts are designed for young children, while others are better suited for older kids and teens. Chick tracts are $.16 each or $4.00 per package of 25. (Discounts begin at quantities of 1,000 or more.)

Enter the number of tracts you want to order in the boxes below. Then click "Add to Shopping Basket."

Young Children
Older Kids and Teens

The Little Ghost



The Little Princess

Happy Halloween


Charlie's Ants



Best Friend



Soul Sisters

The Devil's Night


Somebody Loves Me

This Was Your Life


One Way!

The Greatest Story Ever Told



A Love Story


The Fool!

The Walking Dead?

Set Free!

Somebody Goofed

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Description: A young man goofs when he is talked out of receiving Jesus as his Saviour.
Description: We are all like zombies. The spirit inside us is dead, thanks to Adam. Here is how to change it.
Description: Who loves you so much he gave you life and left heaven to die for you? It was Jesus!
Description: Here's why Jesus really came to earth...from His birth to His resurrection.
Description: Everything you have said or done will be played back at judgment. Will your name be in the Book of Life?
Description: This tract, written for older kids and teens, shows how Halloween started and leads them to a decision to accept Jesus as their Saviour.
Description: This takeoff on horror films reveals the truth about Halloween.
Description: The little devil, Stinky, was sent out Halloween night to get a present for Satan. Children will read the gospel as they see Stinky's terrible mistake.
Description: It was supposed to be a fun Halloween, visiting a "Haunted House" for a great scare. But when an accident claims a boy's life, his friends learn there is a real hell waiting for all those who die without Jesus.
Description: Simple gospel for kids. Sam dared to accept Jesus. Is Mr. Hill brave enough to do the same?
Description: We are all born into sin, and headed for the same place. The only words in this simple tract are basic scriptures that show us how to be set free.
Description: When the king was dying without Christ, the jester knew he had found a bigger fool than himself.
Description: When Cleo is rescued from the animal shelter, her owner learns how Jesus redeemed us.
Description: Using just pictures and very few words, this tract shows that Jesus is the only way to obtain eternal life. Great for children!
Description: Beaten and alone, a child dies. But Jesus cares.
Description: Let me tell you about my very best friend! He made everything, and is even getting a big mansion ready for me! His name is Jesus. (Adapted for black audiences.)
Description: Let me tell you about my very best friend! He made everything, and is even getting a big mansion ready for me! His name is Jesus. Written especially for children.
Description: Through Charlie's ants, young readers learn that God became a man to die for us. Great salvation message!
Description: Heidi is terribly sick. But when she gets saved on Halloween night, her whole family finds Christ too. An emotional story with a happy ending.
Description: "I'm not afraid of you... because Jesus loves me!" The simple Gospel for young children.

As a Christian, for years I had struggled with a question, "What do I do about Halloween?" I decided not to hide in a darkened home on Halloween night. Instead, I welcomed both the Trick-or-treaters and the opportunity to spread the gospel.

The kids received candy, "Jesus Love Me" bracelets, bookmarks and pencils imprinted with Bible verses and, of course, Chick Tracts. One Way for the littlest ones, Boo, Devil's Night or The Slugger for the older ones and The Mad Machine for their parents. They are always curious about these little comic books.

Best of all, the tracts and other inspirational items will still be around long after the candy is gone! Chick Publications has been the biggest influence in moving me beyond my confort zone. Thank you so much and keep up the good work. D.P., Maryland

Evangelist and author, Mark Cahill, tells some of his best personal witnessing experiences in this inspirational book. It's chock-full of witnessing ideas!

Read a free 8-page sample here

Hear Mark Cahill's Testimony    YouTube

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Here's why so many Christians use Chick Tracts on Halloween.

"The first time I saw one of your tracts was in my child's Halloween sack. It was a step that led to salvation..."

"We gave a 'Happy Halloween' to a teen and watched him read it. We then went over and led him to the Lord."

"On Halloween we again put candy with a Chick tract into kids bags. One boy who received a tract goes to school with my son. He recently told my son he had gotten saved, and that his dad is taking him to church." New Jersey

"Some kids say 'I got this one last year, can I have a different one?' So we know they read and remember them." Maryland

"The first kids said 'Books! Cool!' One little guy said 'The candy goes in here but this stays in my hand!' He walked away reading." Wisconsin

"The Chick tracts went like hot cakes. Many of the children were more interested in the tracts than the candy! I was astonished!" Email

"One year, I got a 'Somebody Goofed' in my bag. I'm indebted to you and that unknown Christian for leading me to Christ." Email

"We have used your candy and tract idea for the last six years. Kids love Chick tracts. Some kids yelled to other kids" 'Hey, they're giving out the good stuff" California

It's fun to hear what they say when they get Chick tracts.

After you've done it once, you will understand how much kids love these things. Here are some of the things we have heard them say,

"Wow, comic books!"

"Hey, they've got the good stuff here!"

"I've already got this one. Can I have that one instead?"

Parents will get the gospel, too.

There are a lot of good parents who really care what their kids eat, and read. They go through the Halloween candy bag and sort things out. You can bet that those parents will read the "comic books" that are in their kids' bags. And they will get the gospel, too.

How many of them will remember that their folks took them to Sunday School? Then they'll realize, "I need to do the same." You may never have had the opportunity to give that parent a tract, so this is a great chance for them to read the Gospel.

Kids grow up, and are replaced by more kids.

That means that, every year, there will be new kids coming that have never received a gospel tract. You may have put tracts in Halloween bags for the last several years, but don't forget there will be new children every year.

Don't let this be you!

Let's be honest. How many of us have hidden in the back of the house, with the porch light off, hoping the kids will leave us alone? We don't like Halloween and its occultic history, and we don't celebrate it. So we hide our light, instead of letting it shine. Is that what Jesus called us to do?

What are we teaching our kids?

Many Christians just try to avoid Halloween, and take their kids to a "Harvest Festival" at the church. That's fine and good, but it's teaching our kids to avoid the world, instead of changing it. If you will get them involved in putting the tracts and candy in bags at the front door, they will enjoy it. Just tell them you will make sure they have plenty of candy, without having to be a ghost or goblin. As they take part in giving the gospel to your visitors, they will learn to be a witness, not hide! As they learn to view Halloween as a witnessing opportunity, instead of an occultic party, they will grow up without being tempted by the whole satanic Halloween scene. Just try it!

Do you have room in your life for a blessing?

Who doesn't, right? Well God's blessing comes to those who choose to obey Him. Every time you put a comic tract in a child's bag, you are obeying Jesus, who told us to "preach the gospel to every creature." It's not just a good feeling. Obedience opens the door to God's blessing in your life! Who doesn't have room for that?

Halloween Chick Tract usage ideas.

1. Let Trick-or-Treaters pick from a tray stocked with different Chick tracts.

2. Pass out Chick tracts at Haunted Houses.

3. Put a Chick tract under windshield wipers at Halloween parties.

4. Leave tracts in the candy section of stores.

5. Set up a table and give Trick-or-Treaters Chick tracts as they pass by your church.

6. Go house to house saying, "Trick or Tract," then hand the person a Chick tract.

7. Share Halloween tracts at school.

8. Leave Chick tracts at Costume shops.

9. Hit the streets, shouting, "Free comic books!" You'll be swarmed with requests.

10. Won't be home? Leave a box of Chick tracts at your front door with instructions.

11. Give some of your tracts to your Christian friends to get them involved.

12. Organize a church-wide Chick tract distribution project.

13. Hand out tracts at places where they sell Halloween pumpkins.