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Share your ideas with other Christians
How do you witness on Halloween night?


Do you have a creative or fun way to witness to Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween? Visit our Facebook page and share your ideas. You will be helping the thousands of other Christians who also turn Halloween into the year’s best chance for kids to learn about Jesus.

Here are some of the ideas that others have already given:

“This year we plan to put Halloween treat bags filled with candy, toys and several tracts on car windshields in the parking lot of our local haunted house. We also have given these bags out at our house for "trick-or-treat" and have gone out on the street on Halloween with the bags and passed out hundreds of them.”

“I have always been a proponent of passing out tracts at Halloween, along with candy, and have done so for the last five years.  This is year number six.  Here is the way we do it at our house.  Tracts and candy are placed in baggies and given out. What I also pass out are glow necklaces; the type that you can buy at amusement parks, etc. It is dark and the kids are usually wearing dark clothes, so safety has always been on my mind.  With these necklaces they are seen bouncing from house to house throughout the neighborhood.  Parents appreciate them immensely and the kids absolutely love them.  I have kids who come to my house exclusively to get the necklaces and leave with candy and tracts, too.  My best year so far was 200 kids.  I am hoping for further success this year.  Thank you for your wonderful tracts.  I know they get read.  Sometimes I see kids going thru their bag to see which tract they got.”

“A few years ago I played "The Light of the World" video on a white bed sheet that I stretched across our garage door.  When the children came up to the door to receive candy and a Chick tract, I went out to the parents and shared the gospel with them while they watched the video.  Also, our neighbors across the street watched and listened to the video while we gave out candy.  God is still working on them!”

“For Halloween, I put two or three Halloween tracts in a snack bag and then insert a HEALTH BAR (e.g,  a Power Bar, or other nutrition bar).  Sure it's expensive, but the kids know it's a quality gift, from the HEALTHY body food to the HEALTHY spiritual food.  I tell the kids that it's a Christian comic and to have their parents read it with them (two for the price of one!) ;-))”

“I live in the country and don't have any Halloween traffic out here.  But we, myself and several of my young grandchildren, dress in theme costumes for the parades and walk along the parade route passing out tracts to the "watchers".  The tracts are happily accepted from the hands of these precious and innocent children.  There are well over a thousand people standing along the route and when we get to them before the parade begins, they read the tracts while they are waiting.  The children really enjoy doing it and we pray beforehand that the Lord will bless our efforts and touch many lives and bring them into the Kingdom!”

“Our church youth group has a (SAFE!) bonfire by the church and hands out tracts and goodies to children, teens, and adults----quite a number last couple years-----they sing gospel choruses and laugh a lot so people always want to stop and see what's happening------THX for helping with the tracts!!”

Share your Halloween witnessing ideas and testimonies.


Don't Participate in the Evil, but Use the Opportunity

Satanists admit that Halloween is not just a make-believe fun time for the kids. Pagans and other Satan worshippers have several "holidays" involving truly ghoulish practices. Bible believers are right in not allowing their children to participate in this evil, but we should not overlook the magnificent opportunity to counter the devil's propaganda.

Those who have been involved in Satanism tell us that Halloween is a key tool in presenting evil as fun, to break down people's resistance to the evilness. It is much like the devil's lie that "white" witchcraft is okay; it's just the dark arts that are bad. Ex-Satanist and former vampire William Schnoebelen describes how this progression works in his book, Wicca, Satan's Little White Lie.

A Perfect Time to Thwart the Devil

Soul winners need to be aware of the evil roots of the holiday and be equipped to counter that evil with the power of the gospel. Dropping a tract in the candy bag of a trick-or-treater at your door puts an arrow in the heart of any real demon that is maneuvering into the family where that tract will be going.

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