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Chick tracts make witnessing
so easy!

Anyone can do it! There are all sorts of places you can leave Chick tracts. Don't forget to give them to people you meet each day. They will often thank you for it!

How to use them:
Being shy didn't stop me
"My husband is a minister who does evangelistic work, but I am shy. I am active in my church but I wanted so much to witness to non-Christians...
I have been leaving Chick tracts everywhere! I leave them on shelves in the grocery store and drug stores, on phone booths, on newspaper boxes, in restaurants, in public restrooms, at the doctor's office. I made special trips to the local health department, WIC clinic, homeless health clinic...just to leave tracts. Even the food stamp office and Dept. of Human Services waiting rooms. The public library. Outside the high school in a bad neighborhood. I wrap them in plastic and toss them in driveways! I scan the local section of our paper for people convicted of DUI or other crimes and mail the tracts! If people did this in every town, so many could be reached. Oh yes, I send SOMEBODY LOVES ME to abortion clinics."
"A brother was on his bicycle giving out (Chick tracts) and one of the men he gave one to got saved and is now a faithful church worker." —PA

I left THE ASSIGNMENT on the lunch table at work this afternoon and tonight one of the guys read it and got saved. Praise God!" —IL