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Want to see more people in your church witness?

Setting up an attractive Revolving Tract Rack in the lobby of your church will encourage more people in your church to start witnessing, and will get more of the gospel into the hands of people in your community. Here are a few more benefits:

  • Tracts will be much more visible, reminding people to take some as they leave church.
  • Keep your Chick tracts neat and organized.
  • Keep a wide variety of title easily available.
  • Remind new converts how easy witnessing can be.

How big is it?
Each white wire rack has 40 pockets (10 on each side), which will hold 75 tracts each, for a total of 3,000 tracts. You can fill it with 40 different titles, or some English and some Spanish (if you live in a multi-lingual area) or fill all the pockets with your favorite title. It can be set up either floor mounted or on a table top. Floor model stands about 6 feet high, with a 28" diameter.
(Tracts are sold separately)

How much does it cost?
$90.00 rack without tracts*
$55.00 with an order of 1,500 tracts*
$30.00 with an order of 3,000 tracts*
    *Plus shipping. Custom printings not included.

How much is the shipping?
Less than $30 anywhere in the continental USA.

Available only in the United States.

To add a rack to your order, press "Add to Shopping Basket". You can easily remove it later if you wish.