- Another Powerful Witnessing Tool

Soul winners who use Chick tracts should also be aware that Chick Publications also has another powerful witnessing tool. Each week, thousands of people visit the web site. There you can read every tract currently published and many of the ones that have been discontinued. If you are witnessing to someone and don't have a copy of the right tract for the occasion, you can direct the person to the Chick web site where they can read the tract that you wish you had to give them.

In addition, the web site also provides full copies of at least one tract in over 100 languages. If you are attempting to share the gospel with someone who does not speak your language, you can direct him to our web site for one in his language.

An example of the power of the web site came to us in an email. This person writes that he had seen the tracts as a kid and even saved all of them he could get. Over the years, he "left Christianity 35 years ago due to personal differences." Fifteen years later he became a Wiccan.

A few months ago a roommate suggested he look at our web site for a good laugh "in a negative way." He found This Was Your Life on the web site and recognized it from reading it as a child. "I kept coming back to this one and it got me scared about hell," he writes. "It affected me so much that I left Wicca behind and converted to Christianity. I am now a born-again Christian."

Where he came at first to laugh at the tracts, the word of God in them convicted him. The web site brought home the message he had read years ago and the frank declaration about eternal hell drove him to accept Christ.

If you haven't explored the web site, you should make it an additional tool in your soul winning. If you are witnessing to someone who will give you his email address, you can email a full copy of the tract you wish him to read.

Beside the tracts, there are other articles and books on most subjects that you will encounter in your witnessing. They can be a major help in your own understanding of the many points of view of the people you encounter in your witnessing and a place to send them for more information. There are also witnessing strategies described that will make you a more effective soul winner.


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