Good News —Hope Is On The Way

In the flood of bad news, there is some indication that good people are beginning to wake up to what Satan is doing.

A More Spiritual Generation

While a large portion of Generation Z has not held the faith like the previous generation, there are signs of a significant spiritual stirring among the 18- to 25-year-olds in some of the Christian and secular universities. In January of this year 50,000 people filled the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta. The youthful gathering was an outgrowth of a spiritual revival centered in Asbury college several years ago.

Another ministry reports that prayer booths set up on the beach in Florida during spring break this year were heavily used by confused young men seeking meaning and purpose in life.

Same-Sex Marriage Support Dropping

For the first time in nearly 10 years a new survey indicates that support for same sex marriage may be declining. The Public Religion Research Institute says that support went from 54% in 2014 to 69% in 2022. But now it has dropped to 67% in 2023.

Parental Rights Protected

In California a judge has stepped in to protect resolutions passed by the Temecula Valley Unified School District against the teaching of Marxist Critical Race Theory (CRT) and protecting parents rights to know if their child is confused about their gender. The resolutions were passed by voters who flipped three of the five board positions with new pro-family candidates. The decision is likely to have a positive effect on similar cases throughout the state.

Puberty Blockers Blocked

In England, there has been an ongoing fight to stop the sterilization and mutilation of children who are confused about their sexual identity. The National Health Service has taken a significant step in protecting these children by banning the prescription of puberty blockers for children.

Evolution Devolving

The ground under the diehard evolutionists has been shifting significantly in the last few years. Major champions have died and not been replaced with serious contenders.

Other evolutionists have taken an honest look at the swelling tide of serious publications written by authors in favor of intelligent design. They have concluded that the evidence for Darwin’s theory has been largely refuted and are wisely switching sides.

“In short, serious defenders of Darwinism were getting scarce... I think it says the future does not belong to Darwinian materialism,” writes John West, managing director for the Center for Science and Culture, an Intelligent Design think tank.

Public Libraries Now a War Zone

Since lesbian Marxist Emily Drabinski became president of the American Library Association, war has erupted in the ranks. A few weeks later she spoke at a socialist conference in Chicago and announced her plan: that libraries, just like public education, should also be spaces for “socialist organizing.”

Local libraries depend heavily on the recommendations by the ALA for books to include on their shelves. Recommendations now include titles that push Marxist Critical Race Theory and books designed to groom children for sexual confusion. Many books with conservative and biblical themes are now missing from their recommendations and even from library shelves.

Local library leadership has become so alarmed that some states, including Montana, Idaho, and Texas have completely severed ties with the ALA. Seasoned librarians are also either bailing out on their own or being terminated and replaced.

Fortunately, parents and Christian leaders are gathering in protest and stepping into the ballot box to elect leaders who will stand against this evil. Some library boards are led to believe that a degree in library science qualifies an individual to be a librarian. But if they graduated from one of the woke universities, they may also be trained on the wrong side of this battle.

The critical need in all of this is a culture of righteousness. Soul winners need to seed their neighborhoods with no-nonsense gospel literature and then stand in the gap against these evils.

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