Is the Virus God's Judgment?

Crowd of people wearing a mask to help prevent spreading COVID-19. (Credit

When the coronavirus appeared to be subsiding in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo declared that “God didn’t do it.” Many thought that he was attempting to discredit all the people who had been praying for relief. While his statement bordered on blasphemy, he was attempting to brag on the discipline of the people.

Many people are asking if the coronavirus is going to be an event that will reshape the world. Comparisons are made to the Great Depression or even World War II. There is no question that it appears to have a good start in that direction.

But it is intriguing that the virus has targeted much of the sinful foolishness in our culture.

Consider the sexual revolution. Promiscuous sex has unleashed dozens of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Condoms came to be recommended for “safe sex.” Will not the wearing of masks during love making further dampen the pleasure?

Along the same line, the public schools have degenerated into propaganda classes promoting the lies of evolution, the supposed glories of gender bending, and other anti-God curriculum. What better way to break up this party than mandate that all the students stay home?

The modern breakup of the Biblically based family has had huge implications for the culture. Most prison inmates come from dysfunctional families. Welfare costs skyrocketed from absence of responsible family breadwinners. Children grow up without the Biblical “nurture and admonition” of two dedicated parents and often end up repeating the failed process.

The lockdown also interrupted the filth pouring from Hollywood into the closed movie theaters. With movie viewing transferred to the home, hopefully parents will step up and monitor it better, and adults will be ashamed to expose the family. This may be an opportunity for the family to pay better attention to what Hollywood is pushing and find better alternatives.

Other activities such as bars, nightclubs and other godless gatherings have been affected.

So how should a Bible believer view the turmoil that the virus is generating? First of all, serious students of the Bible and acute observers of the culture have long been concerned about the legalization of sin. A significant majority of the population has adopted a belief that God is not a relevant part of their world.

This has led to a wholesale disregard for God’s laws that He laid down for the thriving of mankind.

One Biblical guideline was about family, obviously built around a very intimate relationship between a man and a woman. We have chosen to disrupt this pattern. And what are the consequences?

  1. The abortion industry has spilled millions of gallons of innocent blood because their parents were unwilling to care for these children. Many were conceived by a runaway lust for irresponsible pleasure.
  2. The role of homemaker and mother has been downgraded in the name of women’s liberation. Yet most great men can look back to a strong mother who insisted that he grow up to be a mature man instead of a perpetual teenager. We have forgotten the admonition of the 1960s bumper sticker: “GET A REAL JOB —BE A MOM.”
  3. Many today are dying from the virus in “retirement homes” because there is no loving family to care for them safely at home.
  4. There is a “crisis of childcare” because irresponsible men have left so many single mothers balancing both homemaker and career.

Whether the virus is a direct result of God’s displeasure or not, it has clearly illuminated some of the ways that we have strayed from His intended “abundant” life. The only lasting solution to these cultural ills is to repent from our wicked ways and obey God’s laws.

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