Excerpt taken from "Which Bible Would Jesus Use?"
Here are some excerpts from the book, "Which Bible Would Jesus Use?"

If He came to your church, which Bible would Jesus use?
It's a question no one has ever dared to ask even though the answer should be easy.

Seminary President endorses two Bibles that disagree with each other.
If the Lord is the author of both the ESV and the NASB, then He can't even get his facts straight. If you can trust a reporter for the Washington Post more than you can trust your Saviour, you should get a new Saviour.

You know who killed Goliath, right? Wrong!
Same verse... Same Bible ... Saying two DIFFERENT things. Has the publisher issued a recall? Can you get a prorated refund? If the Lord's going to use the NIV, how does He deal with this problem?

Which edition of the King James Bible is "The Bible"?
Some fundamental and evangelical academics pose this question to shatter your faith and get you to drop the issue in spite of its obvious success and blessing.

But was the success of the King James Bible just luck? If it's not the Lord's choice, then which one is?

How to spot a standard Bible
Every profession has its own set of standards. There has to be a standard Bible.

The academic elites and their marketers know this. That's why they believe in "The Original Bible." They're just not too sure what to put in it.