Single Spinner 40-Pocket Tract Rack

  • $120.00

This metal wire rack can be set up on the floor or on a table top. It holds up to 3,000 tracts. (Read More)

English $120.00
We're sorry, this item is being discontinued and is no longer available on our website.

This professional-looking revolving rack will encourage more people to start witnessing and will get more gospel into the hands of people in your community. It measures 6 feet high and requires a 28” diameter for rotation. Here are a few benefits of using this rack:

  • Tracts will be much more visible, reminding people to take some as they leave your church.
  • Keep your Chick tracts neat and organized.
  • Keep a wide variety of titles easily available.
  • Remind new converts how easy witnessing can be.

Discounts for the rack:
If your order is between $204.00 and $393.59 the rack will cost $65.00
If your order is $393.60 or more, the rack will cost $35.00

Rack Details

Price: $120.00
Dimensions: 6 feet high. 28” diameter for rotation.
Weight: 26 Lbs
Tract Capacity: 3000 Tracts