Witnessing on Vacation is Fun!

4 Reasons You Should Take Chick Tracts With You

  1. You will cross paths with many unsaved people
  2. You'll probably never see them again
  3. You won't have a lot of time to witness
  4. Chick tracts GET READ!

Give Chick tracts to:
Flight Attendants
Cab Drivers
Local Employees
Gas Station Workers
Truck Drivers
Fast Food Employees

Leave them:
At Gas Stations
In Restrooms
At Rest Areas
In Restaurants
On ATM Machines

At Motels:
On Dressers for the Maid
In the Gideons Bible
On Ice Machines
On Newspaper Racks

Traveling By Plane:
Plane Seat Pockets
Inside Magazines
Waiting Areas
Luggage Claim
Meal trays

On Picnic Tables
In Laundromats
In Supply Stores
Game Rooms

Use your imagination.
The usage ideas are endless.

Traveling overseas? Chick tracts are available in over 100 languages

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