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Each Tract Has a 24-Page Engaging Story

Many Christians know the disappointment of handing out wordy leaflet tracts that don't get read. Unsaved people simply won't read tracts that are jam-packed with lots of tiny words. But the unsaved love Chick tracts, and readily accept them.

The 24-page Chick tract format gets the reader's attention with an engaging story in serious cartoon style. Soon, they are captivated by the story which presents a simple gospel message, ending with an invitation to accept Christ.

"A friend of mine was saved with the help of your tracts. I would give him a tract almost once a week and he would always be eager to take them. He finally came out to church and was saved there. Praise the Lord!"


"When I was a waitress, a man and his wife would leave a tract for me with a tip. Eventually, they asked me to join them on a Sunday for church and the rest is history. Praise the Lord, these people cared for my soul...a complete stranger."


"My dad gave me several Chick tracts to read when I was 17 years old. The images of heaven and hell that I read in Chick tracts stuck with me and are the reason I came to the Lord a short time later."






Pope Is All in on Social Justice

Pope Is All in on Social Justice

The Pope's unbiblical agenda was on unusually bright display in his recent visit to a Catholic University in Portugal.

Sheridan Family, Missionaries to Chile.

Chick Tracts Help Missionaries Reach Students in Southern Chile!

See pictures from Kyle and Annie Sheridan as they share how Chick tracts are helping them reach lost souls in Patagonia.

'It’s Comic-Con, How Could They Refuse a Comic?'

“It’s Comic-Con, How Could They Refuse a Comic?”

Read about an exciting tract outreach a church did this July at Comic-Con in San Diego, where 150,000 fans gathered to celebrate everything comics and Hollywood.


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Chick Tracts GET READ!

Providing Tracts to Missionaries Overseas Is Now Easier Than Ever

Missionaries from all over the world write us asking if we have available funds to send them free tracts. These missionaries are ready and able to get tracts distributed, but simply lack the funds. You can make a huge difference in their ministries!

Here's how you can help:

Donate to the Chick Mission Fund and 100% of the funds you give will be used to buy and ship tracts to missionaries worldwide.

If you would like to help them reach more people with the gospel by using Chick tracts, please visit our mission fund webpage to make a donation.

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