Can Catholics and Protestants Walk Together? A Former Catholic says NO!

A primary reason is the Roman Catholic doctrine which declares all non-Catholics to be hell-bound sinners.

Soulwinners Beware! Evangelical Leaders Compromise the Gospel

As predicted by Alberto Rivera in the mid 70's, well known evangelical leaders have gone public with a call for evangelicals to unite with Catholics to form the great apostate world church.

This Was Your Life Tract in Child's Halloween Candy Changed My Life

"The first time I saw one of your tracts was in my child's Halloween candy sack. This Was Your Life, I can honestly say, changed my life. It was a step that led to salvation. Praise God!"

Does Your Bible Teach You to Worship New Age Gods?

Riplinger points out that the new versions remove Jesus Christ because, "The religions of the world believe that ‘god' created all things but not by Jesus Christ."

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