A Conversation with Two Jehovah's Witnesses

By Daniel Rodriguez

Late this morning, I had the opportunity to talk to two Jehovah's Witnesses, a mother and daughter. I asked them how long they had been in The Watchtower Society. "Over 35 years," they said. I then got them to admit that the Watchtower Society literature was not inspired.

I continued my strategy by using a third person story. I told them: "I got an email from a friend. He insisted that God's Day is on Saturday. I asked him where he learned that information. He replied, 'From our church literature.'"

Since I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, I asked him if his  publications were inspired of God just as the Bible was. He told me "No." Then I said, "Well, which has more purpose and value, your uninspired publications, or the inspired Word of God?" He admitted it was the Word of God.

The two stood there not having a clue that I was laying the groundwork to make a point about the Watchtower publications.

The daughter pulled out a copy of What Does The Bible Really Teach? I asked her if that book was inspired just like the Bible. She mentioned some obscure thing about the Bereans.

I said, "The Bereans were for that time; what about now? Is that book inspired like the Bible is?"

Naturally, I expected her to pull out her Bible and go to II Timothy 3:16. Lo and behold. . . she did. She tried to use that scripture to justify the What Does The Bible Really Teach? book. It didn't work.

I said to the daughter, "Look. There are three of us standing here. Let's say, for example, I am God. You are a Bible writer and mom, you are the Bible reader." Then I recited John 3:16 to the daughter. "I just inspired you what to write, right? You wrote it down and thousands of years later, mom, you read it. You just read an inspired work.

"Now, let's pretend I (God) am not even here. So, daughter, when you write something, where are you getting your information? You see, you are making it up. It is not inspired because God did not tell you what to write. Do you see my concern?"

They were speechless and made small unrelated comments. Then she mentioned that a committee of people wrote the book. I asked her if she knew their qualifications and education.

She said, "No." I then said, "I see red flags. If these 'unknown' people, who are not inspired, taught something that later proved to be wrong, how would you feel? Will you go to all the homes you have visited and undo the damage?

The meeting ended on a very positive note. But it was evident that they were a little frustrated with me because I kept the pressure on. The meeting lasted about an hour. All in all, I am pleased at the seeds that were planted. I have a feeling I'm going to see them again —or their Elder. This may become very interesting.

This demonstrates how the strategy described in my book, Winning the Witnesses, can be used. Instead of brushing them off when they come to the door, use this technique to plant seeds of distrust in the Watchtower Society.

This book also describes how to direct their trust to the Bible alone, once they reject the deceptions of the Watchtower.

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