A Crucial Time in Spanish Bible History

By David W. Daniels

We are at a key point in history, facing an onslaught against the Spanish Bible. There is more pressure than ever to seduce people away from the traditional Spanish scriptures to a Babel of modern Bible-doubting versions, just like what happened in the English-speaking world.

Since the late 1500s, the Spanish-speaking Bible-believers have largely had a good Bible based on the preserved Greek and Hebrew manuscripts: the Reina-Valera Bible. In 1602 Cipriano de Valera expressed his hope that his translation would be checked and rechecked, so it would match what "...God dictated to his holy prophets... and to His holy Apostles and Evangelists..."

Since then, however, the checking and rechecking has veered away from the preserved manuscripts. Unknown to many Christians, the Westcott-Hort faith-killing readings have slowly been worked into the Reina Valera Bible over decades. Publishers said they would make the scriptures more readable; but actually they had a hidden agenda that would introduce not only a new Bible version, but the ecumenical movement and compromise with the Roman Catholic religion.

As a compromise with conservative believers, a Bible was produced, the RV 1960, to get people to trust the revisers, and to produce a bridge to the avalanche of new Bibles that were about to flood the market.

Somebody needs to reveal what is happening. The book, Did Rome Give Us The Spanish Bible, takes the reader, one step at a time, on a path through two histories, of God`s preserved words and of the Devil`s planned Bible counterfeits; from God`s words to Moses and the apostles, through the Reformation, the Inquisition, and on to our present time. But all is not lost. This is also the time that God has fulfilled Valera`s vision and brought about the best translation of His preserved words in the Spanish language: the Reina-Valera-Gómez Bible. Spanish-speaking people can now say with confidence, "Thus saith the Lord!"

Spanish-speaking brother or sister, the battle has only begun. But you can be on the winning side. Once you understand the history of the Spanish Bible, you will better be able to understand the war going on right now for the preserved words of God in Spanish.