Basic Questions Evolutionists Can't Answer

By Thomas F. Heinz

Evolutionists wake up each morning to tiptoe around important problems their worldview won`t let them resolve. Here are three basic examples:

Matter: where did everything come from?
Evolutionists generally follow the atheists in saying: "From the Big Bang, an explosion." They convince themselves that a made-up explosion called the Big Bang which exists only in their imagination was different from all explosions that people have actually observed.

They think the Big Bang produced matter! Explosions that we observe don`t produce matter. Real estate people don`t drop bombs on houses to fix leaky roofs. Explosions don`t do anything like what evolutionists claim the Big Bang did.

Life: how did it start and how does it work?
Evolutionists accept the atheist`s claim that some of the matter produced by the imagined big bang came together and made a living cell which then evolved becoming different kinds of cells, animals, and highly intelligent people like you.

To them, life began when little blobs got together in a pool of warmish water. (Imagine blobs in a mud puddle.) The microscopes of 100 years ago, were too primitive to disprove the idea, so it became a tradition. But the muddled minds of misguided men misunderstand mud! The prehistoric mud puddle would have to have provided not blobs but living cells complete with DNA, proteins, and other complex materials that pools of water can neither make nor organize. Not even great scientists in great laboratories can make living cells!

The warm pond idea became a sacred tradition when DNA, proteins, etc. were as yet unknown. Evolutionists today know that warm ponds could not have made living things, but many still copy and paste that stupid old tradition to confuse the gullible.

The idea of a "simple cell" was invented when the fantastic complexity of even the smallest cells was still unknown. Cells were little, so people claimed they were simple. Actually even some of the parts they are made of, DNA, RNA, and proteins, are very complex, but this was not yet known.

Atheists and evolutionists still believe in a first living cell that began without a Creator. They have just quit calling it "spontaneous generation."

One part of their brains knows that DNA and various other components of living things are far too complex to have come about without a Creator. Other parts of their brains believe that it must have happened once, "the first cell," and that all living things evolved from it. To believe that there is no God, evolutionists are stuck with spontaneous generation, though to avoid the stigma of the term, they often call it something else. By any other name it still stinks. Only God can create living things, and He could do it with or without mud puddles!

Sex: who came first —a him or a her?
Which evolved first, male sex organs or female sex organs? Male sex organs are so different from female sex organs that neither could possibly have evolved from the other. Neither could either have evolved without the other! Think that through! Sexual reproduction could only have been successful if male and female organs fit one another and worked together at each stage from their very beginning. The only reasonable explanation is that both were created on purpose by an intelligent Creator.

If there had been even one generation in which sexual reproduction was not already complete and functioning, those who believe that it gradually evolved would not even exist!

For further information on this topic by Thomas Heinze, see The Vanishing Proofs of Evolution and How Life Began available from Chick Publications along with other materials on evolution, one of Satan`s biggest lies.

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