Booklet Defining KJV English Words Fits in Back of Your Bible

After deciding that the King James Bible is the only perfectly preserved Word of God, what do you do with the old English words which you don't understand? "You simply learn what they mean," says author David Daniels.

Bible dictionaries weigh more than most Bibles so they are not usually available when the preacher reads a word you don't know. Daniels has solved that problem with a nifty little 24-page booklet called the King James Bible Companion that fits in the back of most Bibles.

It contains brief definitions of over 500 of the classical English words used in the KJV. So if you are "astonied" (taken by surprise) by a word like "prognosticators," you can be "careful" (full of worry) "not a whit" (not the least bit). Simply reach for the King James Bible Companion in the back of your Bible and it will "bewray" (reveal) the meaning to be: "foretellers of the future."

If you "durst" (dare) to "eschew" (shun) corrupted modern Bible versions, and "countenance" (face) the "unseemly" (inappropriate) comments from your friends, this little book will help you "shew" (show) them how easy it is to "cleave unto" (stick to) the true Word of God.

"So," says Daniels, "rather than settling for a corrupt, inferior Bible version, all Christians should learn the meaning of less familiar King James words." This little booklet is well worth the few cents that it costs if it will "asswage" (relieve) the "clamour" (loud complaining) about the less familiar words in the KJV and "let" (hinder) the spread of the modern per-versions.

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