Tract Passing Tips - March 2005

I'm an airline pilot and I leave Chick tracts in each room I stay over in, one for the maid, and the other in a drawer. Sometimes I leave them in the hallways and places where people would not be too embarrassed to pick them up. Another thing I started doing was collecting broken-off luggage tags. I mail them back to the address on the tag with a tract. Who knows, maybe someone will realize that God does have a way to get their attention. Imagine getting that tag back in the mail.
T.D., Internet

I love your tracts! I found one in a telephone box 10 years ago, and it spoke to me but I ignored - but I kept it - I became a Christian 6 weeks ago! I discovered your site by "accident" and the online tracts!
K, E-Mail

Our sons are 41/2 and 21/2 and love your tracts. Our 4 year-old collects them and keeps them in a special box which he carries with him most all of the time. Taking it out to show others his tracts. He knows the names of the tracts just by looking at the cover. We can see the Lord using him now just by the timing and tracts that he chooses to show some of our lost family members. We recently ordered a tract assortment for both of them and you would have thought it was Christmas when they arrived in the mail. The boys were so excited. What a blessing this is to us. The tracts appeal to people, even children.
S & T K, E-mail

We have passed out Sin City on public sidewalks in front of high schools and middle schools. I was ordered off the sidewalk but took my case to a Christian law firm who sent the school district a demand letter that they not violate my First Amendment Rights. The School district changed their minds and now we can go without any problem. We will be at a high school where some of the students will be celebrating "gay" day next week with your tract Sin City.

If you have found a way or many ways to give a tract to someone, that is comfortable to you, share it with us. We would like to pass on your ideas to other soulwinners. Send your ideas to us at:

       Wanted: Your Tract Passing Tips
       c/o Chick Publications
       P. O. Box 3500
       Ontario, CA. 91761-1019

We will publish as many as we can in future issues of Battle Cry.

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