Chick tracts get read in Mongolia!

This picture was sent to Chick Publications by Tommy Tillman, director of Harbor Evangelism International. He writes: "I have just come out of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and want to send you this photo of a Gobi nomad reading one of your gospel tracts.

"He had never heard the gospel until reading this tract. This is one in the Mongolian language. Thank the Lord for your concern to print these. I was walking down the street in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, and passed a lady reading one of the Chick Tracts as she walked."

This story graphically illustrates how gospel tracts in the local language can greatly extend the reach of missionaries on the field. Chick Publications produces illustrated gospel tracts in over a hundred different languages. Missionaries that you know can visit our web site and read tracts in the languages of their mission fields. Or write for a list of the tracts in their languages.

Studies show that the average missionary reaches about 5000 people with the gospel. An order of 10,000 tracts is less than $800 delivered to them on the field. This would immediately double their outreach.

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