Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood: A Muslim Mosque

Muslims in America now number in the millions. Hundreds of Mosques sit in our quiet suburban neighborhoods. They are an industrious people, eager to take advantage of America's freedoms and free enterprise.

In our metropolitan centers, they often graciously wait on us at the local gas stations, neighborhood markets and restaurants. Then we see foreign news reports of suicide bombings of school buses or battle ships in the name of Allah. And we wonder how these warm, family-centered people can be part of such atrocities.

Actually, they probably are not. If you asked them, they would deny any relationship, claiming that such terrorism is the work of a fringe element of Islam and not supported by the majority of the one billion Muslims worldwide.

But that fringe element is becoming more central to Islam's goal of global conquest. And they have the theology of Islam behind them. The Koran teaches that the whole world belongs to Allah and it is the supreme duty of Muslims to "jihad," or "struggle" to bring the whole world under Allah's system of government, called the Sharia.

To the moderate Muslim, this jihad is a peaceful "struggle" involving a Muslim type of evangelism. To the radical it also includes war. If a nation refuses to go peacefully under the Sharia, they become "infidels" and it is permissible to kill them.

The goal of the radicals is to replace all other governments with the Sharia. Many nations in Africa are locked in a life and death struggle over this. Sudan has been much in the news recently because the Muslim dominated north is systematically starving, and even slaughtering, the non-Muslim population in the south.

The radicals also want to replace moderate Muslim regimes such as Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. But even in these countries, non-Muslims are severely restricted. Anyone who converts a Muslim may be severely punished and the convert will be ostracized or, in some cases, imprisoned.

So, what must the soul winner do? We must recognize this growing mission field right in our neighborhood and prepare to witness to them.

The most powerful concept that has been used to get them thinking concerns Jesus. Islam teaches that Jesus was a prophet and that prophets cannot lie.

If you go to John 10:36 and 9:35-38 where Jesus claims to be God, the Muslim has a problem. If Jesus was a prophet and cannot lie, and He said He was God's Son, then Islam must be wrong because the Koran says that Allah had no son.

This concept has led Muslims to examine the rest of the arguments in the tract Allah Had No Son and the book, The Islamic Invasion by Robert Morey.

Soul winners have successfully led Muslims to Christ using this approach.

Additional witnessing information can be found in the Information Center for Islam.

A billion people are under the oppressive spell of this 6th century moon god religion. It is currently the fastest growing religion in the world. We need to reach them with the truth that Jesus was more than just another prophet.