Fossilized Mosquito Drilling Holes in Theory of Evolution

Scientists recently examining fossils are baffled by several discoveries that don't fit their evolutionary assumptions of a billion-year-old earth. With the new tools such as the electron microscope and DNA analysis, soft tissue and blood cells are showing up inside fossilized bones believed to be 40+ million years old.

They freely admit that this is next to impossible for blood cells to fossilize without decaying. To cap it off, a fossilized mosquito was recently discovered in a shale formation in Montana. The mosquito was still engorged with fossilized blood from its last victim.

According to evolution's theory, the mosquito would have had to fall in a pond, sink to the bottom and be slowly covered with silt until the million-year process of fossilization could take place. They admit that blood cells could not possibly remain intact through those eons of time. But, instead of considering the possibility that it could have happened on a Biblical time frame, they choose to just scratch their heads in bewilderment, hoping "science" will eventually come up with an explanation.

To Bible believers, the answer is obvious: It is actually a young earth where the cataclysm of the world-wide flood suddenly buried God's original verdant creation quickly fossilizing plants and animals with the pressure of the upheaval.

Creationists quickly pointed out that evolutionary dating is flawed by circular reasoning. The mosquito was found in a shale formation that evolutionists claim to be around 40 million years old. And how do they know that? They assume that the sediment that made the shale was deposited bit by bit over time with no sudden changes in the environment.

So how do they date the shale? By looking at the fossils in the shale that they have dated from a fictional geological column. And how are the fossils dated? By their position in the shale.

This circular reasoning is the best the evolutionist can come up with in his attempt to leave God out of the process. God keeps pealing back the layers of their false assumptions, exposing them to the truth in case some will have an honest heart and consider the possibility of a Creator. 

If challenged, the evolutionist will shoot down the messenger, rather than consider that their theory could be wrong. God won't force the issue. He maintains a careful balance of evidence that allows man to freely choose to acknowledge or deny their Creator. But, for those with ears to hear, he sneaks in adequate evidence to believe the truth if they truly desire it.

Soul winners need to continually raise the issue of Creation. God said He would send strong delusion to those who reject the truth. Evolution surely qualifies as a strong delusion but we must expose that lie so those whose hearts are still open to truth will understand the issue. The Chick tract Big Daddy?, can be used to saturate your community and raise questions about evolution. Then, the information in the paperbacks, The Evolution Handbook and Vanishing Proofs of Evolution can be used to explode the myth and guide people to understanding that there is a Creator and what our responsibility is to respond to His love.