God's Marvelous Molecular Machines

Issue Date: March/April 2007

by Thomas F. Heinze

More and more evidence that God designed living things is constantly turning up as microscopes and methods are being perfected. Among the most amazing of the recent wonders are little machines called "molecular machines," or "molecular motors." They are real machines found inside each cell of every living thing. Their tiny moving parts are individual molecules designed to fit together and work together. They do much of the work of every cell. Many people who want to fire their Creator don`t know about them yet, but no cell could live without them. They are so precise and efficient that scientists working in nanotechnology, the field of the very small, are working hard trying to copy some of them.

So you won`t think I am making this up, I will mention the one that you may have heard about: a miniature motor which spins with almost perfect efficiency at speeds variously reported from 17,000 to 100,000 RPM. Like a boat motor, it propels its owner, a single cell, through the water.

Scientists are discovering molecular machines in large numbers, but the ones I am interested in are those that are absolutely essential to life. Since all known machines are made by intelligent designers, the fact that there are many machines that no cell could live without is evidence that living things had an intelligent designer.

Cells would just be loose goo dissolving into the water if they were not enclosed by membranes. That presents a problem: Even the simplest cell must have nutrients to live, but nutrients are too large to pass through a cell`s membrane. God`s solution: the membranes of even the simplest cells contain machines: pumps made out of several different proteins folded into complex shapes to work together. They recognize and pass the right nutrients through the membrane and into the cell. A cell without machines that pass nutrients through its membrane would starve to death.

These pumps, like all molecular machines, are made according to intelligent plans written in the cell`s information. Pumps that recognize and pass nutrients into the cell don`t happen by accident, nor could they! People who lead our students to believe that a first cell was put together by random chemical reactions with no intelligent input are deceiving the students.

Paul told the Thessalonians that God would send "strong delusion" to those who received not the truth, that they might be damned. (See 2 Thess. 2:11.) There is no doubt that evolution is one of these strong delusions.  Anyone who honestly looks at the evidence must admit that a Creator had to be involved.

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