Homosexual Activist Picked for Job of National School Safety

Kevin Jennings, founder of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN), has been appointed to a high office in the Obama Education Department.

For 20 years, GLSEN has been responsible for placing hundreds of homosexual clubs in schools and colleges and assisting in writing curriculum promoting the homosexual lifestyle. It is the driving force behind the propaganda campaign promoting homosexuality in government schools nationwide.

If Jennings` appointment is approved, he will head up the "safe schools" efforts to eliminate all opposition to the homosexual agenda in the nation`s government schools. He considers no school "safe" until sodomy is fully accepted by everyone.

As usual, California is leading the nation in implementing the "safe schools" policies. A state law signed last year stipulated that no curriculum or instruction shall cast homosexuality in a negative light.

A court case found that officials were not required to consider the desires of the parents in choosing what is taught to their children in a government school.

In 2004, The Southern Baptist Convention opened debate on whether their members should consider abandoning the government school system. Sentiment at that time was against the idea, but now high officials are recommending an "exit strategy." This includes recommending home schooling where possible and local churches banding together to establish or support local Christian schools.

They see the move as not just protection for the children from the lies of evolution, humanism, and homosexuality. It is a unique window of opportunity to provide an outreach to inner cities as well as the communities around the local churches as unbelievers become increasingly disturbed by the trend in the government schools. They need to know that other options are available.

Unbelievers and "casual Christians" also need to be made aware of God`s coming judgment on the sins that America has legalized.

Satan has captured the news media, TV and the movies and now has his lackeys in the high levels of our government. The only avenue we have left is to go directly to the people.

Many revivals in history have been sparked by gospel literature spread widely among the common people. Chick tracts are good soul winners but they also educate about sin, which many churches are failing to do.

And, because Chick tracts get read, all we need to do is saturate our communities with them and eyes will be opened. The lies that this generation is believing will be exposed.

Big Daddy, There Go the Dinosaurs, and Moving on Up speak to the lie of evolution. Doom Town and Sin City describe God`s view on sexual perversion. Evil Eyes, Bewitched and a series on Halloween inoculate the reader against paganism and occult lies. Other tracts deal with the lies of Islam, Mormonism, Masonry, Catholicism, abortion, and drunkenness.

Most people believe that good works will keep you out of hell. Almost all Chick tracts demolish that lie of Satan. They also expose the lie that there are many ways to heaven by presenting Jesus as the only way.

Men like Jennings are hell-bent on forcing these lies on our children. We must fight back with every weapon we have. Almost everyone we meet has swallowed one or more of Satan`s lies.

Chick tracts are one way we can get them the Truth, even if we don`t have time to share our personal witness with them.

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