Humanists Desperate to Protect Government Schools

The devil continues to mount multiple attacks on our children. He knows that his success in curtailing our freedom to witness depends on the attitude of the coming generations. Humanist and atheist forces are desperate to eliminate any vestige of Christianity from the government schools. The American Humanist Association is suing a public school teacher in Missouri because she prayed for an injured student and dared to hold a voluntary devotional before class time in her classroom. The AHA complained that, "Non-participating students can see and hear the teacher praying with students as they walk by her classroom, which is close to the school entrance."

In Ohio, a Middle school teacher was fired for insubordination when he refused to remove posters in his classroom that encouraged the students to think critically about creation and evolution. The Ohio State Supreme Court upheld his firing, but granted him the right to have a Bible on his desk if he wished.

Besides the struggle over evolution is the homosexual steam roller. "Gay" activists have infiltrated legislatures and enacted laws banning "discrimination." Using this as a basis, schools are mandated to teach favorably about famous homosexuals like Harvey Milk, who now has his own "day" on the California calendar. Professional therapists are forbidden to counsel under-age youths who request help with gender confusion.

New anti-discrimination laws allow "transgenders" to pick which ever bathroom they wish and now we have cases of men and boys showing up in the girl`s bathrooms, showers and dressing rooms. One college in Colorado lists FIVE gender choices on employment applications.

Schools are not immune to the march to one-world government control. Two UN "treaties" are currently submitted to the US Senate for ratification. One is The Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), and the other is the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). Opponents point out that both of these remove the authority of the parents and place it under government control, either US or, ultimately, the UN. Just to show how close we are to the one-world government, the U.S. is one of only 3 countries in the world that have not ratified these "conventions," handing ultimate control to the United Nations.

Another almost unnoticed move toward government control is a new national "Common Core" set of curriculum standards. Where local, elected, school boards have always had basic control of curricula selection, states are banding together to implement a nation-wide standard. The more centralized these standards become, the less influence parents have over the content. Already, parents are objecting to recommended reading material they consider to be pornographic and a change in approach to math that leaves parents unable to help with homework. Increasingly, parents` requests to opt their child out of objectionable assemblies or classes are denied. A move to establish pre-kindergarten enrollment at age 3 is also a step away from parental influence toward government control.

More parents who see the handwriting on the wall are turning to the last vigorous hold-out against government intrusion —home schooling. So far their legal teams have fended off all attempts to shut them down, even going to bat for European home school families who have fled to the U.S. to avoid losing their children to custody of the state.

Bible believers need to be increasingly vigilant to help their children sort God`s truth from the lies of the culture, such as evolution, homosexuality, and humanism. Parents write to Chick Publications expressing their appreciation for Chick tracts, not just for handing to an unbeliever, but as teaching tools of biblical truth for their families.

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