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True short stories from Christians doing unusual things to share the Gospel.

Angie was sure that all the years of witnessing to her husband was just going "in one ear and out the other." However, one day she found a bunch of Chick tracts "hidden in his work bag, so I know," she writes, "that God's Word will not go void!!"

When Betty's nephew, Ryan, came to live with her family in the early 90s, something did not seem quite right. However, he began to attend church with the family.

One Sunday night, a relative called and said that Ryan was wanted in his home town for questioning in a local robbery. Ryan admitted to her that he was guilty and agreed to go back and stand trial. He was sentenced to 90 days in the county jail.

During his jail time, Betty sent him a set of Crusader Comics

Southern Baptist missionary Danny Callis gathered several local pastors and set up a witnessing outreach to Brazilians who flock to the beach on local holidays. They prepared chairs and a table with a sign: "STUDY THE BIBLE IN FIVE MINUTES." One of the pastors gave a "paint talk" that attracted about 150 people at a time and others were available to witness one-to-one. 15,000 tracts were given out in two days with 53 people making commitments to Christ and signing cards to receive Bible studies.

I read my first Chick tract over 14 years ago while in the service. It helped open my eyes to the Catholic religion I grew up in and helped me direct my faith to Jesus through the Bible. It took me 12 more years to get saved, but I am free at last.

In 1973, Jack was "lost, into drugs and alcohol." Someone stole the drive shaft from his 62 Chevy so he went to a junk yard to get another one. He was shown a similar car at the back of the lot and while he was unbolting the drive shaft, he decided to look under the seats and see if any drugs might have been left in the car by the owners when they had their wreck.

Instead, he found a little comic book titled "THIS WAS YOUR LIFE." "Something about it just grabbed my attention," he says. "I sat there and read it. I came under such conviction, I threw it away, got my drive shaft and left!"

At the time he says he believed that God was a space alien, but could not get the message of the little booklet out of his mind. Later that year he "went looking for someone to witness to me" and became a Christian that day.

"You never know what these little booklets can do to someone. God can use them even in a wrecked car in the back of a junk yard to convict people of sin," he writes. Jack now is married with two teen-age girls and active in a local church.

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