Many Muslims Searching for Truth

By G.J.O. Moshay

Deception is more dangerous than a blatant lie. Islam is not a lie but a deception. Deception is a sandwich of lies. Islam does not say there is no God. It says, yes there is god, but..., not the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, not a Trinity, did not come in the flesh, is not the Author of the Bible, etc, etc. If we do not identify the god of Islam, much of what we know about Islam would be speculative.

Satan is not an atheist. He KNOWS there is God Almighty. He knows it is the fool that would say in his heart 'there is no God`. (Psalm 14:1). Atheism is not a good product to sell. You don`t need to be a professor of biology or physics to be an atheist. All you need is a level of folly. So, Satan tells people, "OK, there is God, but... " From that "but" he goes on to create many other "gods," and "god almighties" and false "creators" for people who he could not convince of atheism.

This is exactly what he has done in Islam. Islam believes in a "god almighty," a "creator", a "most merciful", "most compassionate," etc.

We must not be deceived by the violence we see every day from Muslims all over the world. Many of them are asking themselves, "Is this Islam? Did Allah command this? Did Allah command Mohammed to do such acts in the Qur`an and the Hadith?" Unfortunately, the answer is yes. But we must realize that there are Zacchaeuses among Muslims in America, Canada, Europe and Australia who are climbing trees, stretching their necks to have a glimpse of Jesus passing by our Jerichos. Jesus saw the man and called him by his first name. "I must come and dine in your house today" (Luke 19:1-10).

We can learn from one of King Saul`s failures. Because the Amalekites attacked the vulnerable Israelites when they had just left Egypt, God commanded King Saul after many years that he should go and wipe out the Amalekites.

Saul allowed a few to escape. He also spared king Agag and apparently his children. Years later, it was an Amalekite that brought the anointed head of King Saul to David. If Saul had totally obeyed God, there would have been no Amalekites to behead him. One of the descendants of Agag (Haman Amedata, the Agagite) whom Saul allowed to escape had fled abroad (to Iran, former Persia) and joined politics there.  He devised a million-dollar project to start a holocaust to exterminate all the Jews all over the world in one day.

The Amalekites we spare may be the ones that would behead us tomorrow or plan for our mass destruction. Of course, as believers, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but the mighty gospel that the modern Zacchaeuses are searching for.

The Muslims we neglect to bring to Jesus Christ may be the danger we face later. The 'moderate` Muslim we spare today in America, Canada, Europe and Australia may be the radicalized of tomorrow. In fact, they are part of those being recruited online to join ISIS whose objective is to engulf the world in crises and take over the world for Allah.

G.J.O. Moshay is author of Who is this Allah? and Anatomy of the Qur`an. These are published by Chick Publications along with a variety of tracts and books on Islam to equip the soul winner to reach the Muslims among us with the gospel.

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