Message From Jack Chick March/April 2016

Dear ones in Christ,

Every nation has its flag and a national anthem which brings pride to its citizens, who shed tears when their song is heard. And of course, in their eyes, they believe their beloved nation is the best. But God says of all these great and noble countries, "Behold, the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance..." (Isaiah 40:15).  The world won`t accept that, because Satan controls and guides the multitudes.

In politics, everybody wants to vote for a champion to honor as their national leader, who will solve all their problems. But when the elections are over, their great winner seems to lose that sparkle and the people look for another leader, to deliver them from the problems created by their last leader.

Sports has its heroes. Everyone cheers and loves their champion who wins the glory, or a gold medal. The same with movie stars who win the Oscar. Even in religion, people have their heroes. They honor religious leaders who tickle their ears and don`t offend them by preaching about sin. Some of them say they have a special kind of blessing that will come your way, just as soon as you prove your faith by sending them money. Heroes are everywhere gaining honors, medals, gifts, money and cheers. But soon they are forgotten and gone, and their medals and honor lie in the dust.

And that, beloved, is the way of the world.

But up in heaven, it`s a different story. Angels are watching a tired little old lady, cleaning hospital floors, as she gives a gospel tract to a shattered teenage patient, who is recovering from terrible abuse at the hands of her stepfather. She shares the gospel, prays with that girl and leads her to the Lord. And shouts of glory and praises to God ring throughout heaven for that saved girl and that little old soul-winner. In the near future, Jesus will present her with a soul winner`s crown which will never see dust or be forgotten.

Pass out gospel tracts, beloved. Keep them cheering up in heaven when you win a soul. This is what really counts.

Yours for the lost,

Jack Chick

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